February 19, 2020

Gawker site exposed- money in the Cayman Islands


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mastersofmoneyAccording to the Red Statements website it has reposted a short article from Liberal Krytonite “Welcome to the Cayman Islands”:

During the last election, much was made of Mitt’s money in the Cayman Islands.

How did they know about this money?

Because he paid taxes on it and he released tax documents showing he did.

He was excoriated in the press, especially the leftwing loonies.

Facebook  avoids taxes by parking money in the Caymans.

So does Gawker, the far far left site which ran article after article about Mitt’s Cayman money.

The difference is Gawker used that account to avoid US taxes completely. 

This is just more liberal hypocrisy we have all come to expect from the left.

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