September 21, 2021

Garden watering tips from the Pros

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With summer finally arriving we will all be spending a lot more time in our gardens! So to make sure that they are pleasing to the eye, we have to make sure we give them the love and nourishment they need.  

Here are 4 garden watering tips from the pros. 

  1. Only Water When Needed

One of the most common mistakes people make when watering their garden is that they overwater it. The good intentions are there, just with none of the conviction as people fall victim to the idea that the more water the better. The saying ‘less is more’ is perfectly apt for this context because you do not want to drown your garden in water. Water restrictively and selectively. Not all of your garden will need the same amount of water, for instance, you might have some plants that need lots and some that need barely any at all. Take the time to understand the plants in your garden and to know what their needs are. This way you will have a much better idea of how much water to use and when to use it. 

  1. Use The Right Tools

You can only get so far if you are not using the right tools. So if you are watering plants with a heavy-duty hose that fires high-pressure water at your delicate plants, then that is probably not a great move. Make sure your plants are supported by something like equipment that can be found at Stakes, that way when you do water it not all of their energy is being used up on trying to stand up straight, and this will mean they are better able to absorb the water. Take a look at the current tools you are using and ask yourself if they are still fit for purpose, because if they are too old or damaged, then you risk doing more bad than good to your garden. 

  1. Aim Carefully

Contrary to popular belief, aim does matter! When you are watering by hand, try to make sure the majority of the water is going towards the base of the plants, as this is where it is really needed. This keeps foliage dry and makes sure that most of the water is being directly absorbed by the roots. Don’t get too close and try to flood the roots with water because that won’t work either. You need to find a good balance, which is why aim is so important! 

  1.  Water At The Right Time

Believe it or not, there are prime times for watering your garden and plants. Depending on what time of day you water your plants will determine how much moisture they can absorb. If you water your garden first thing in the morning, then this gives your plants time to absorb the water before it evaporates in the day. Watering them too late at night can make the absorption process slower which attracts pesticides such as snails and slugs. 

Taking care of your garden is a therapeutic process. It is also especially rewarding when you begin to see the difference in your garden after regularly using these watering tips from the pros. 

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