December 3, 2021

Gaelic kids

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The DART Cayman Islands Kids Gaelic Club League continued this week with more action from the three age groups at the ARC and Cayman International School Pitch.

Under 15
The under 15s started their training by working on their attacking movement and learning how to overcome an opponent. Their skills are constantly improving and Coach Lisa Kemp noted that all the children are showing this in the games. The Cayman Sharks finished with two wins and a draw, with Clara Byrne and Daniel Magennis consistently bringing the ball down the pitch, setting Danny Lyne up to score the majority of points. The Unicorns also had two wins and a draw, showing strong team work throughout, notably by Kane Watson, Tom Byrne and Digby Robinson. The Hippos ended with two losses and draw. With help from the skillful movement and passing of Cullainn Lynch and Breannach Lynch the best goal of the day goes to Barnaby Robinson in the final match. The Leftovers, new to the sessions, had two losses and a draw but improved massively over each game. Significant players were Lachlan Cowdroy who set up James Rees for his two goals in the final game.

Under 9
Sunday’s games were action packed and fun filled for the Cheetah and Wasps teams, with coach Karen McGuinness highlighting that many children were already showing great development in their skills.

The session focused mainly on the skills of soloing and hand passing. These skills were then put into practice in several small sided games. Francesca Catalanotto who is new to the game worked hard throughout the session and showed real progress. Sachin Pandohie and Thomas Rees enjoyed the games and exhibited great teamwork. Max Griffin scored a great point from distance and Lindsay Hydes scored a goal in the bottom left corner.

Under 7
This week the Under 7 GAA players arrived in their matching kits, eager to play. The children demonstrated enthusiasm to learn new skills and enjoyed making new friends. They had a great morning of fun – working on their carrying, passing and catching skills. Coach Jayme Farrell helped the children put their new skills to action, as they played each other in a match to end the session. The Pirates of the Caribbean faced the GAA Sharks in a rematch, the team captains, James Hogan and Ben Lyne, formed a team huddle to talk game tactics and a cheer! James was hopeful to reclaim another victory this week, but, Ben was determined to lead his team on the score board. The GAA Sharks were quick to score, with Ben using his speed to take some quick shots on goal, whilst Oliver Ratchford and Stephanie Richards played fantastic defense. The Pirates, worked well together to defend the Sharks, as Dualtach Lynch, Logan Cudlipp Cholette and Isabella Partridge looked to put tackles in and use their hand-passing skills to get the ball out of their end, but the lead was too big for the Pirates. It was a terrific and fun morning for all the players and coaches!

If you would like to sign up or find out more about the DART Cayman Islands Kids Gaelic Football Club please see or contact the club at [email protected]

Training for June 2017 runs on the following dates at Camana Bay:
Sun June 18th – 8.30am to 10am
Sat June 24th – 8.30am to 10am


Under 7s
No 98
Ben Lyne (U7s Sharks) and James Hogan (U7s Pirates) keep a very close eye on the incoming ball.
No 75
GAA Sharks and Pirates of the Caribbean compete for the high ball in the U7s game.

Under 9s
No 49
Jack Croucher, Doireann Lynch and Darragh O’Reagan working on the “Solo” skill during the skills development part of the Blitz.

Under 15s
No 55:
Digby Robinson (Unicorns) and Daniel Magennis (Sharks) in competition for the ball, with Will Donovan (Sharks), Breannach Lynch (Unicorns) and Finn Richards (Sharks) in pursuit.
No 76:
Barnaby Robinson, Will Donovan and Finn Richards perfecting the “hook kick” during the skills development part of the Blitz.
No 27:
James Rees (Leftovers) with some great fielding of the ball, Clara Byrne (Sharks) challenging with Finn Richards (Sharks) and John Fleming (Leftovers) in support.

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