November 28, 2020

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Top Three Cleaning Gadgets Today


If you came to this article very surely the subject of cleaning tasks with which you have to face daily are the main responsible for the lack of time that overwhelms you.

And you are looking for a solution! Am I right?

Well, the truth is that the technology we have today has put at our disposal for some time now, an army of cleaning robots that are giving us benefits ranging from more free time to improvements in our .

In this article I am going to share the three best cleaning gadgets that are currently available in the market so that by simply pressing a few buttons you can dedicate yourself more to what you like and less of these tedious cleaning tasks.

Real meaning for all the above…Less too tired to clean and morewhat are we doing tonight?

iRobot® Roomba® 860 / 499.99$

This is the gadget that more free time has given to its proud owners!

This line of vacuum robot cleaners already have several models to adapt to different needs and it is not for few reasons that are getting into more and more houses:

Some of the pros:

– Features the AeroForce ™ 3-Stage Cleaning System and Tangle-Free AeroForce ™

– Proven to remove up to 50% more dirt, dust and debris from all floor types.

– Seamlessly navigating around clutter

– Can maneuvers under furniture without problems

– Avoids stairs and obstacles by itself

– Has a full bin indicator

– Less Maintenance Hassle

– Automatically charges itself between cleanings


– It has a little problem cleaning tight corners

WINBOT 850 / 349.98$

Now that the floors are impeccable, we need something for windows. This ingenious device will take care of that what may be the third largest surface of our homes. It is designed to operate with sufficient autonomy so it is really another great help to enjoy more free time in our day.


– It has advanced fan technology that allows it to adhere to the windows.

– Stability and deep cleaning subject it to Windows at 19,000 rotations per minute

– Silent

– 4-stage cleaning system to ensure that no dirty spaces remain

– Built-in water collectors.

– Memory and cleaning route

– Protection of frames with padded stops

– Integrated safety systems to prevent falls

– Back-up power supply up to 15 minutes after electrical failure

– Remote control


– You are subject to the cleaning product supplied by the manufacturer

Awair / 199$

We have only to make sure now that the house breathes and smells an air as clean as what our floors and windows reflect and this is what is achieved with Awair.


– Identifies the 5 key elements that determine the cleanliness of your air

– It gives you reports of the purity of the air in your house

– It has a system setting that allows you to know the advances in the purification process.

– It can give you recommendations to improve the quality of your air.

– Can work with other devices such as Nest to keep the air clean.


– Very little access through Android system.

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