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Gantri Table Lights is a Fascinating Retail Model Built for the Age of 3D Printing

by Gantri for Designers From Core77


Gantri received the Professional Winner Open Design Award in the 2018 Core77 Design Awards.

Gantri is a platform to create and buy modern designs that offer designers a simple way to bring new designs to market. Using Gantri’s product framework, materials and components, designers can create production-ready 3D models. Gantri reviews, prototypes and tests designs to ensure quality. Completed designs are sold through the online shop and made using production-quality 3D printing.

Compared to the traditional design process, this model gives designers full creative freedom and drastically reduces time-to-market. This means individual designers can easily create their own design brand and sell directly to their audience with no middleman. Consumers get access to affordable original designs that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

Gantri launched Table Lights in October 2017, the company’s first product category. Since then, Gantri has worked with designers from the US, Italy, Colombia and more, bringing more than 20 original lights to market.

Table Lights is the first product category on the Gantri platform. It represents their vision for how premium designs can be developed, made and sold using digital technologies.

Each Gantri Table Light is a unique, original design by an independent designer or design studio. They all share the same materials and internal components, and are made using production-quality 3D printing. Every light is created on the Gantri platform and available for purchase online.

The process to create a new table light on Gantri is easily accessible through an online designer dashboard. There are 4 main steps. 1. Concept – the designer submits a thoughtful, original design idea that passes design quality and feasibility requirements. 2. Model – the designer creates a near-production 3D model of the design that integrates internal components. 3. Engineering – Gantri’s engineers optimize, prototype and test the design to ensure quality and production reliability. 4. Content – Gantri photographs the design and prepares it for sale. Once the process is complete, the design is listed on the Gantri online shop and sold directly to the customer. The designer receives royalty on sales.

Thanks to digital technologies such as 3D modeling and 3D printing, the development timeframe is much shorter and the designer has a greater degree of freedom in realizing their own ideas. Since products are 3D printed and sold directly, Gantri can adjust production to live market conditions. This minimizes inventory, allowing Gantri to provide services to designers for free and sell products at more attainable prices.

In developing the platform behind Gantri Table Lights, the team created a new 3D printing process capable of producing high-quality parts. They also sourced and certified all components and materials. In addition, the in-house industrial design team created 3 original lights that form the Gantri Reference Design series, and made their 3D models freely available for designers to download.

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