July 16, 2020

Futline, CONCACAF join forces to promote Fair Play


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aerosol-comex-futline-02MEXICO CITY (Wednesday, May 1, 2013) – As part of the build-up to today’s CONCACAF Champions League final, the Confederation announced a strategic alliance with Futline to develop and support the work of referees in the region.

“The development of football can be considered complete only when we truly are advanced in all areas,” said Enrique Sanz, General Secretary of CONCACAF.  “This strategic, four-year relationship with Futline allows us to arm our referees with the tools that are essential for their work on the field.  It also opens the door to create a multifaceted platform focused on developing their profession by establishing international seminars and various training programs for national and local officials in support of the region.”

“The CONCACAF Champions League final will be a historic moment for this relationship, since it will debut officially at a club competition, giving referees certainty.”

Futline, a spray foam that is used to indicate the correct distance between the ball and defenders on free kicks, will become part of all of the Confederation’s competitions over the next four years.  The agreement is the first between the Confederation and a private company that seeks to advance football, plus provide a better experience for the fans.

Both CONCACAF and Futline, a product developed by Comex, recognize that the role of the referee is crucial in football’s development.

“CONCACAF is committed to the growth and improvement of all aspects of football in the region and a key piece of this strategy is refereeing,” said Marcos Achar, CEO of Comex.  “So when we were invited to be part of this initiative, we thought it was a great idea and we are very pleased that a tool like Futline, which has brought great benefits to Mexico, can now be extended to all of CONCACAF.

“By professionalizing the work of referees even further, CONCACAF is demonstrating its interest in promoting transparency and fair play.  The referees are being given the tools and training necessary to do their best work, supporting their efforts in front of players, coaches and fans.”

The Champions League final between Santos Laguna and Monterrey marks the official start of the relationship between CONCACAF and Futline.

In addition to the use of its product during games, Futline will also partner in the continued professional development of the Confederation’s referees, including annual symposiums, workshops and roundtables with renowned referees in order to share best practices.


CONCACAF “The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football” is one of six continental confederations of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) and serves as the governing body of football in this part of the world. It is composed of 40 national associations, from Canada in the north to Guyana, Surinam and French Guyana in the south.

About AeroComex Futline

AeroComex Futline is a water-based aerosol foam, white, non-toxic and odorless.  The product, manufactured by Comex and made of biodegradable materials, is used in natural-grass tennis and professional football. It is also used by the football fan, as it can also be applied to synthetic grass, concrete or asphalt.

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