August 10, 2020

From The Progressives 2017 Manifesto for the Cayman Islands #1


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A Message from the Political Leader



Four years ago, our country was in a mess. The economy was stagnant and Caymanian unemployment stood at a high 10.5 %. At a time when Cayman needed strong Government, we were experiencing political instability and scandal. Government finances were seriously depleted and Government policies had proven ineffective.

It was no surprise that Caymanians turned to the Progressives: to a party they know as competent in government and to individuals they know as honest and trustworthy.

Over the last four years we have delivered on our promises. Our economy is strong and growing. Businesses are investing again. As a result, over 2,000 more Caymanians have jobs than four years ago.

Our Government is strong and stable. We have restored government finances, creating surpluses that help to protect us for the future while cutting duties to help benefit families and businesses today.

We have defended our people against those who would harm our economy at home and abroad. We have protected the most vulnerable – our children, our elderly, and people with disabilities.

We have created a strong platform – but there is more to do.

We need to continue the work we have started. We will deliver the new cruise and cargo ports which are essential for future economic prosperity. We will also press on with the implementation of our solid waste strategy.

Our manifesto sets out in detail the programme of the next Progressive Government. We are making six specific commitments that we will deliver to meet the most pressing issues in our community.

We made progress improving achievement in public schools, but more needs to be done to equip students to meet the demands of the workforce.

The next commits to ensuring that within four years at least 75% of high school graduates will move on to post-secondary education, either in academic degree programmes or training in vocational trades locally or overseas.

While more Caymanians are now in work, still too many are suffering unemployment at a time when economic growth should be providing opportunity for all.

The next Progressives Government is committed to achieving full Caymanian employment.

The work permit process needs to be tied more closely to ensuring the effectiveness of the labour market and distinguished from immigration.

The next Progressives Government, within two years, will transfer the granting of work permits to a Cayman Human Resources Authority.

care costs are too high and the insurance market does not function fairly, particularly for those who need it most – the elderly and those with long term illnesses.

The next Progressives Government will ensure Caymanians have access to better health care by reforming the health insurance market to ensure everyone can access appropriate coverage at a fair price.

We share the increasing concern about violent crime in our society, particularly gun crime.

The next Progressives Government will cut gun crime by at least 60% over the next four years.

More needs to be done to support Caymanians who wish to start and grow their own businesses. Too often bureaucracy and red tape act as a deterrent to business growth.

The next Progressives Government will abolish 25% of the regulations that hinder small businesses within the first 18 months of its term.

Elections are about choice.

The choice you make on May 24th will determine what happens in Cayman over the next four years. It is a very stark choice.

You could vote for independents with no track record you can trust and no plan you can put your confidence in. You could vote for the party who created the political instability, economic volatility, and hardships faced before the 2013 election.

Or you can vote for the Progressives candidate on your ballot. The Progressives have delivered the strong platform the country now enjoys and we are the only ones who are strong enough to deliver the action needed for the future. We are presenting the electorate with a talented and experienced Progressives Team that encompasses people from all walks of life, each accomplished in his or her chosen line of work.

Today Cayman is strong. For an even stronger future, vote Progressives. #CAYMANSTRONG

ALDEN MCLAUGHLIN, MBE, JP Political Leader The Progressives

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