October 24, 2020

Freedom United: Our global survey results are in


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The results from our global supporter survey are in!

We were thrilled by the thousands of supporters who took the time to complete the survey — thank you!

Which country was rated the highest? The lowest? What’s the greatest issue related to modern slavery your country is failing to address?

Even we were surprised by some of the responses.

Take a look here at the global summary of responses:

Go to: https://medium.com/@freedomunitedHQ/global-supporter-survey-findings-how-did-you-rate-your-government-67f222c08f4e

The message is clear: governments are failing in their response to modern slavery in our community’s opinion. The global average score was an exceptionally low 39 out of 100.

When broken down further by the countries where we received the highest number of responses, it’s remarkable how low all countries were rated.

While New Zealand technically came out on top with an average rating of 59 and Turkey at the lower end with an average score of 26, all countries here have failing scores.

Global average score: 39/100

If there’s one thing that’s clear from this survey, it’s that you want governments to step up and aren’t happy with the status quo.

The Freedom United community is unified on many fronts, and we will use these statistics to further our advocacy efforts, to show where anti-slavery advocates like you stand on important issues.

Thank you again from the team at Freedom United for speaking out and sharing your opinions on what needs to change.

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