February 26, 2020

Former Cayman Islands Minister wins legal action against online forum


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Judge Robin McMillian last Wednesday (30) ordered the removal of a post from an online forum administrated by local activist, (formerly Catron) after former , Marco Archer, took action against her.

The forum post claimed a former Cayman Islands minister was being investigated for abuse of power while in office.

The forum named Archer saying he was being investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission for a matter relating to stamp duty waiver.

Archer responded to the allegations with legal action. On his Facebook page he said, “I am being accused of abusing my power as the Commissioner of Stamp Duty during my tenure as the Minister for Finance. These allegations are completely false and unfounded and I have instructed my attorneys to take legal action against those responsible for this malicious act. I or my attorneys will make a further statement in due course.”

Before winning his case, Hill, responded that she welcomed the case. On her Facebook page she said, “Amazing. What in that article is not supported by attached documentation? You people are jokers. I for one welcome the lawsuit.”

However, after Hill lost and she was ordered to remove the offending post she issued a public apology on the forum and said it was never the publication’s intent to defame Mr Archer in any way.

If that is the case one can only wonder what Hill was exactly trying to do?

In a statement via email to they reported the Anti-Corruption Commission said, “The Chairman has indicated that the Commission cannot confirm or deny whether it has received a complaint or is investigating the matter you refer to.”

What will happen next?

Archer may sue for damages and Hill may try and substantiate her claims.

This whole affair may not be over.

IMAGE: Former Minister of Finance Marco Archer

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