October 20, 2020

Fly Like an Eagle Ray!


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The Central Caribbean Marine Institute is enrolled as a charity in the Cayman Airways Miles Ahead Programme. This program allows for flyer miles to be donated to to be used for items including: airline tickets to raffle or for silent auctions, travel for local students in education programs, speakers for special events, staff to travel to and overseas for meetings or special needs.
Donating miles is easy! Just follow these steps:

1. Enroll in any Cayman Airway Loyalty Programme, you can even enroll and claim miles after your flight!

2. Be sure to put yourcayman_example membership number in when you book a flight through Cayman Airways so you accumulate miles (and can easily donate them)

3. Donate your reward miles to CCMI!

– After you’ve recieved your reward miles, you can follow the link above to donate these miles

– Fill in your membership information and the amount of miles you wish to donate

– Be sure to donate to Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI)

*** When you first enroll in a Cayman Airway Loyalty Programme you recieve 1,000 free rewards miles. These miles are not eligible for .
To retroactively claim past reward miles:

– New members of the Cayman Airways Loyalty Programmes have three months to retroactively claim miles

– Existing members have one year to retroactively claim miles

– Follow the link at the link below to claim your missing reward miles, you will need your Cayman Airways ticket number that was emailed to you when your flight was booked

IMAGE: Example page

: http://reefresearch.org/central-caribbean-marine-institute-cayman-airways-miles-ahead-programme/

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