January 24, 2022

Flotspotting: A table lamp with nothing to hide

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TableLamp-LeadBy Erika Rae From Core77

Most of us prefer to tuck cords and cables well out of sight—in fact, I’ve arranged half of the furniture in my apartment in order to hiding my eyesore of a Wi-fi router. It’s safe to say Tel Aviv-based designer Shahar Katsav is pushing for the opposite with his Table Lamp. The bright orange cords emerge from a soldering board and culminate in a head of incandescent bulbs that comes together to resemble a new-age Pixar character.

With its sinewy base and compound-eye light source, it’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. But it’s not a stretch to envision this in a work studio or computer lab of some sort—or camouflaged among stray wires on a weathered workbench in the garage.

What do you think, work lamp lovers—yay or nay? You can check out more work from Katsav on Coroflot.

IMAGES: Photos by Guy Miller





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