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Florida Realtor’s License: Fee and Cost Breakdown

Working in FL’s property market can be satisfying and lucrative. The dynamic market and diverse clients you will meet in the field make Florida one of the best places for realtors and brokers. However, before you can work as a salesperson, you must get a license from the state.

Nowadays, you don’t have to attend a four-year course to become a realtor. You can enroll in an online program, and within four to five months, you will be licensed and ready to hit the ground running. But the biggest question most aspiring realtors have is how much it costs to become a realtor in Florida.

Below is a real estate license Florida cost breakdown.

Your Education: Building a Solid Foundation

Investing in quality education is crucial if you want to pass the exams and build a solid career after getting your license. The pre-licensing program is 63 hours long and covers various topics from property laws to fair housing policies and contract drafting.

Education costs will vary depending on where you choose to study. Online courses are cheaper and can vary from $100-250. In-person classes are slightly more expensive if you factor in the tuition and travel costs.

What About Background Checks?

Any aspiring realtor in FL must submit their fingerprints for a background check. The purpose of this is to ensure that you are a person of good morals. If you have had prior run-ins with the law, you may be disqualified to work as a realtor.

Fingerprinting is done by approved vendors and will set you back $50. Applying for your license will attract an $83.75 fee. The process is easy and can be done online via the DBPR Online Services platform. Your license will be valid for two years.

Let’s Talk Exams

Your final hurdle before you become a licensed relator is sitting for the state exam. Exam registration is around $36.75 for every attempt. Preparing well and in advance will help you ace the exam on your first try.

You can invest in exam preparation courses to help boost your chances of passing the test. Some students prefer hiring a tutor to help them prepare and revise for the exam. However, if you don’t have the budget, free online courses available on YouTube can be of assistance.

Other Miscellaneous Fees

Learning doesn’t happen in the classroom alone. Attending seminars and live webinars can help you gain useful information that will assist you in your career. Don’t shy away from paying for such events.

There, you will meet some of the best realtors and brokers in FL. You will also build a solid professional network, which will help you when looking for a sponsoring broker. Joining a professional body of Florida realtors is another wise career move.

Membership fees can range between $150-900 annually, depending on which badge you choose.

Summing Up

While the financial investment is significant, becoming a Florida realtor offers immense rewards. It is a wise investment, and you will make a solid return once you get your first client. After that, your focus should be on running your brokerage firm within five years.


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