January 31, 2023

Five U.S. states to vote on prison slavery

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Miriam Karmali, Freedom United

Forced Labour
Pressure builds on Football Associations to step up for exploited workers
England’s Football Association (FA) said this week that families of abused migrant workers who have labored on key Qatar World Cup infrastructure projects should be compensated. With less than 60 days until the tournament starts, we’re urgently calling on FAs to publicly support a compensation fund for exploited workers. Read more…
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Prison slavery
Five U.S. states to vote on forced prison labor in November
This November, voters in Alabama, Louisiana, Oregon, Tennessee, and Vermont will have the chance to challenge forced labor in prisons by voting to remove the punishment clause from their state constitutions which allows involuntary servitude as punishment for a crime. Read more…
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Law & policy
Advocates and diplomats agree: Uyghur issue threatens U.N. credibility 
 This week world leaders have gathered at the U.N. General Assembly. While some diplomats have taken to the podium, many advocates have done the same on the streets and in the media calling on the U.N. to act on the recent confirmation by outgoing human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, of “human rights violations” in the Uyghur Region of China. Read more…
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Wednesday September 28:
Shining a light on child labor and forced labor in global supply chains 

Friday September 30:
Seminar on migrants’ rights and international crimes


California is one signature away from protecting temporary migrant workers from unscrupulous foreign labor contractors who illegally bind them to exploitative work conditions. Governor Newsom needs to know the country is watching him. Tell him to show some leadership in the U.S. and sign AB 364!

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Miriam Karmali
Freedom United
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