October 27, 2020

Fishing school at John Gray


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Boys from John Gray High School learn how to catch fish, as well as valuable lessons on life, during the Fishing For a Purpose trips.

Boys from John Gray High School have taken to the high seas to gain purpose and direction in their life, as part of a new mentoring programme, Fishing for a Purpose.

“The intention of this programme is to have our boys exposed to positive male role models of the society and, ultimately, create an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships. The boys go on fishing trips every other Saturday with adult males and, while on the trips, sessions are held where the mentors share positive insights with the boys,” said John Gray Principal Lyneth Monteith.

“On one trip so far, over 30 fish were caught and donated to the Golden Age Home in West Bay. This we believe helped to enhance a sense of purpose to the trips,” she added.

“The programme has been proven to be quite beneficial as the boys have been interacting positively and have shown overall improvements in their demeanor. One male student was overheard saying ‘I can’t remember the last time I got a suspension,’ and without doubt that gives the true meaning of Fishing For A Purpose.”

The programme is being coordinated by JGHS Counsellor Christopher Murray.

Mr Murray said that the programme was still looking for people with boats who are willing to help out at the weekends:

“We have three boats so far but we wouldn’t mind getting another boat,” he said.

“On the last trip we had 19 to 20 boys but there are others who want to be a part of it.

“While we are on the fishing trips, we stop all fishing and have interactive sessions with the boys, with the mentors making small presentations to the boys on different topics.

“One of the deputy principals used the example of a fish that continues to bite the same bait knowing that it is going to be caught. He linked it to a student that continues to do the same thing, knowing that it is going to cost him,” he said.

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