January 31, 2023

FINW – could this bottomed chart rally to past highs?

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Firstin Wireless Technology Inc (OTCMKTS:FINW)


We are issuing an immediate alert on FINW !

According to FINW, carriers rake in an estimated $70 BIL in “Roaming Charges” while the average cellular cost for a business traveler is over an absurd $800. a week!! So we love when we hear this company say they are “Primed and Ready” to save users more than 50% over regular carrier costs!

So how much of this blockbuster market could FINW grab?

Keep in mind that this development-stage play is still literally GROUND FLOOR. Yet, only about 2 months ago, FINW was actively trading at highs of $1.50 – nearly 600% HIGHER than the current price!

Talk about Huge Upside Potential!

So could we see this Bottomed Chart play begin to ascend off the bottom as word spreads about the company’s amazing cost-cutting services? Let’s dig in…


FirstIn Wireless Technology Inc is a telecommunication company specializing in mobile roaming and long distance charge savings. The company utilizes leading edge Voice over IP (VoIP) technology for its mobile Apps and platform that allows for anywhere, anytime mobile communications at significant cost reductions.

FINW’s top tier communication line architecture ensures superior call quality to its clients as it offers several mobile telecommunication solutions for Companies as well as individuals.

FINW offers UNLIMITED mobile long distance and roaming services on daily, weekly, and monthly basis for business users. Check out their packages here. They are also happy to charge per minute if that’s what it takes to attract new customers.

There’s no need for pins, SIM Cards, calling cards, or access codes! INW’s services integrate fully with your smart phone and contacts list and it’s as easy as downloading their app – available on the App Store and Google Play!


Cellular companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and more better take notice. As WiFi availability expands to all reaches of the world – with some cities offering connectivity for free – our need for cellular network connectivity will decrease dramatically. There is no turning back the clock.

This is happening RIGHT NOW.

Companies like FINW do not have to bear the costs of building and maintaining cellular towers and other infrastructure.

This technology is moving fast and it’s opening doors for companies like FINW to not only take a piece of these telecom giant’s business, but to be “First In” (no pun intended) to DOMINATE the market!

Talk about breaking new ground! This Friday [7], FINW announced blockbuster news that they plan to add text messaging to their services!

Overseas text messaging while roaming can be extremely expensive! T-Mobile, for example, charges a ridiculous $0.50 per text sent and $0.20 per received!

Again, FINW comes in with a solution…FirstIn Wireless Technology in Final Beta Test for its Text Messaging Feature on its Long Distance and Roaming Application

FirstIn Wireless Technology inc (FINW) is in its final beta test phase for its upcoming text messaging feature for its long distance and roaming application. This new feature on the FirstIn application will enable users to send and receive text messages at a substantial discount to regular carrier charges, this will be possible by the interaction of FirstIn’s proprietary software and prime telecom architecture system.

“Text messaging costs have skyrocketed in recent years for roaming travellers as the use of this communication medium has grown substantially and represent an important if not a majority of the costs associated with long distance and roaming charges” said André Beauchesne president of First In Wireless.

The upcoming text feature will be an added dimension to the FirstIn application who’s goal is to achieve a complete telecommunication discount solution to travellers.

Talk about a future catalyst! This is the kind of news that could really turn heads on Wall Street! Needless to say, we’ll be watching FINW very carefully once news hits that it’s ready for launch!

THE BOTTOM LINE: Make sure you have FINW on your screen

Go to the website for all packages and charges at: www.firstinwireless.com

EDITOR: Cayman Islands is included see below – price is per minute


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