December 10, 2023

FIFA urged to pay reparations to migrant workers

From Miriam Karmali, Freedom United

May 22, 2022 News Digest
Law & policy
Will states stick by safe migration commitments?
The first International Migration Forum Review began this week, a platform to hold states accountable to commitments on safe migration. But what progress have states made in the four years since the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration? Bandana Pattanaik from the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women explores. Freedom United is urgently calling for humane immigration policies to prevent trafficking and protect the rights of all migrants and trafficking victims. Read more…
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Forced Labour
FIFA must compensate workers behind the 2022 World Cup
A coalition of organizations is calling on the World Cup’s governing body, FIFA, to pay exploited migrant workers in Qatar compensation of at least $440 million – the prize money offered to teams in the competition. Since being awarded the World Cup hosting title in 2010, Qatar’s record of migrant worker abuses has been under scrutiny with continuous reports of exploitative labor practices amounting to forced labor. 
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Forced labour
Data leaked on the whereabouts of thousands of missing Uyghurs
A list leaked to Uyghur activists outside China reportedly identifies thousands of disappeared Uyghurs and their detention in camps across China’s Uyghur Region. Many Uyghurs have been detained by Chinese authorities on false terrorism charges and subjected to forced labor in so-called “re-education” camps. 
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Wednesday May 25: 
Climate change, migration and vulnerability to trafficking 

Thursday May 26:
Determinants of anti-trafficking efforts
Do no harm: Understanding intersectional experiences in human trafficking (part 4)

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Miriam Karmali
Freedom United
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