November 25, 2020

Female Cayman Islands Senior Customs Officer placed on required leave

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From Cayman Islands

The Collector of Customs, , has announced that a female has been placed on required leave as a result of allegations of corruption being made against her.

The allegations have been referred to the Anti-Corruption Commission for an independent investigation.

Mr. Clifford confirmed that he advised the Customs Department staff that he had made a determination that it is in the public interest to place the officer on required leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Mr. Clifford reiterated the message that he sent to his staff, “we must all remember that the presumption of innocence must apply in all cases and this one is no exception. However, it is equally important to assure everyone that there is absolutely no place in the Customs Department for any officer who is engaged in corruption or any other criminal activity.”

The Collector confirmed that as a matter of policy the Customs Department does not identify individuals who are subject to investigation and would not be doing so in this case. He concluded “we must now await the outcome of the independent investigation in order to determine whether additional action is necessary”

IMAGE: Collector of Customs, Charles Clifford


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