September 22, 2021

February 2022 Book Release: Cayman Writer Peter Polack’s Soviet Spies Worldwide: Country by Country, 1940–1988

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Book Extract

On 24 September 1971 the UK expelled 90 Soviet diplomatic and other representatives on espionage charges and barred the return of 15 others who were temporarily out of the country. The names of the 105 Soviet intelligence operatives had been provided one month earlier to British counterintelligence officers by a KGB defector, Oleg Adolfovich Lyalin, who also provided information on the planned infiltration into England of Soviet agents for the purpose of sabotage. Other documents provided by the defector detailed Soviet plans for infiltrating segments of the Royal Navy.

Among those, five later became Soviet or Russian Federation Ambassadors.

McFarland Book to release Soviet Spies Worldwide: Country by Country, 1940–1988 a compendium of Russian espionage activities with nearly five hundred Soviet spies expelled from nearly 100 countries worldwide in February 2022.

Soviet Spies Worldwide – McFarland (


Peter Polack is a former criminal lawyer in the Cayman Islands for several decades. His books are The Last Hot Battle of the Cold War: South Africa vs. Cuba in the Angolan Civil War (2013)Jamaica, The Land of Film(2017) and Guerrilla Warfare: Kings of Revolution (2019).He was a contributor to Encyclopedia of Warfare (2013). Polack worked as a part-time reporter for Reuters News Agency in the Cayman Islands 2014-16. His article Syria: The Evolution Revolution was published in the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center magazine June 2014. In October 2018 Defence Procurement International published an article on the Guerrilla Warfare book entitled What Do Today’s Jihadists Have In Common With Famous Guerrilla Fighters Of The Past? The Defence Procurement International Winter 2018 magazine featured his article Brief History of MRAP vehicles. In September 2019 an excerpt from the George Washington chapter of Guerrilla Warfare Kings of Revolution was published in the American Intelligence Journal, Vol 36, No.1. His most recent article Soviet Spymasters: The limits of democracy and Navalny was published in Foreign Policy News 7 March 2021. McFarland publishers acquired his latest book entitled Soviet Spies Worldwide: Country by Country, 1940–1988 to be published in 2022. The book is a compendium of Russian espionage activities with nearly five hundred Soviet spies expelled from nearly 100 countries worldwide. He has just completed Only the Young Shall Die by with Jack McCain about raising the age of military enlistment and is currently doing research on a curated collection entitled War In Pictures of almost 1,000 images throughout several conflicts over many centuries.

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