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Faster dentistry without the gagging molds –

gI_144150_denture impressionFaster dentistry without the gagging molds – the 3M digital impressions revolution arrives at Midtown Dentistry

Making crowns and appliances required making molds in the mouth. The new 3M digital scanner allows Midtown Dentistry to scan the mouth with a wand and send to the lab.

Digital Dentistry means NO BAD TASTING gooey molds – a huge improvement for patients.

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Gone are the gooey molds of past dental visits – Midtown Dentistry now uses the 3M digital impression system. At the heart of this new system is the 3M true definition scanner. A small wand is used in the mouth to scan the teeth and entire mouth. This is transferred on the web to a design center where a model copying the mouth is made. The crowns or appliances can then be made to the models.

This results in better oral care and patient experience. For the experts at Midtown Dentistry it also means improved productivity. The digital information can be sent to the lab electronically that day – saving time and shipping costs. And the file is kept indefinitely in the cloud – so that another crown can always be made in the future.

Midtown Dentistry is the first dental office in the larger Houston area to incorporate the device into their office environment.

While there is a learning period involved in incorporating this new technology to the office work process, The learning curve is very rapid and easy for most staff members.

The combination of 3M Corp. – a giant in dental technology and dental laboratories eager to reduce labor costs, have accelerated the conversion to this technology.


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