April 14, 2021

Fashion brands under pressure to stand firm against forced labor

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April 4, 2021 News Digest

Investors push fashion brands to hold ground amid China backlash
Amid escalating tensions and consumer boycotts in China directed at fashion brands who have expressed concern over extensive forced labor in the Uyghur Region, investors are urging brands to stand firm against rights abuses. As brands attempt to maintain business relations with China, there are concerns that progress to secure brand commitments to exit the Uyghur Region will stall. Read more…Write to fashion brands

Law & policy

Lawyers call out U.K.’s unsubstantiated claims about false modern slavery survivors
Prominent lawyers have submitted a complaint to the U.K.’s interior ministry this week, calling them out for stating that there has been a rise in false modern slavery claims without providing any evidence. Freedom United is concerned with the U.K.’s continued prioritization of immigration control over the recovery of survivors and is urgently calling on the U.K. to review a recent policy that will see more survivors put behind bars. Read more…Sign the petition

Anti-slavery activists

“I am a feminist, I am teacher, and I am a survivor advocate of human trafficking”
Freedom United advisory board member, Sophie Otiende, shared her views this week on why it’s crucial for the anti-modern slavery movement to center expertise-by-experience in order to identify and implement meaningful, sustainable solutions to exploitation. Otiende informed Freedom United’s My Story, My Dignity campaign calling on the anti-modern slavery movement to represent people’s experiences of modern slavery with respect and nuance. Read more…Sign the pledge
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