November 27, 2021

Extra features and usage of PDF files

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We know how PDF works. It’s a printable format of the document that Adobe invented. It looks professional, doesn’t change the structure in different systems and is worldwide. We often use PDF file format for sending the documents through the office staff, sending our CVs or Resumes, downloading e-books, etc.

It’s unfortunate how some people see only limited usage of PDF file format. There’s so much more to do with PDF, and people don’t realize it or merely don’t want to experience the extra hassle.

Here’s how you can add extra likability to PDF file format in your file.

Convert it into Kindle-friendly format

Kindle accepts EPUB – the common e-book format that makes it easier to read the book on the go. PDF is also a great format for on-the-go reading, but Kindle doesn’t accept it. Don’t give up just yet. Amazon will convert your PDF to EPUB.

Turn your photos into an e-book

If you don’t have time to copy all the thing your professor wrote down the whiteboard, or if you want to copy the book, but you only had your phone there, you can build an e-book out of them in PDF file format. Visit Sodapdf website and upload your photos, find the option to convert JPG, PNG or other picture formats to PDF and voila, the job’s done.

You can even resize your photos, position them differently or change their places. You will be able to hold a single file on your computer or a smartphone that displays numerous photos that might come in handy later.

Save your documents (PDF files) directly on the cloud-based system

Who here doesn’t hate going through the extra hassle of downloading and uploading the same document over and over again? It’s tiring. It’s not productive and time-consuming. People often don’t realize that they can send their PDF documents straight to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

There are numerous tools that let you save your PDF files on a cloud-based system. Adobe also has its’ Adobe Reader solution. It’s built-in, and once you’re done with creating a PDF, you can save the document on Adobe Reader (automatically).

Create PDF documents of Wikipedia pages

Reading Wikipedia pages is interesting, but we don’t always have internet access. That’s why you can download a PDF version of the Wikipedia page. Look on the left side of the page and find Print/Export section. Click the text that says download as PDF, and voila, you have your PDF version of your desired Wikipedia page.

Create a PDF version of your Linkedin profile

It can be troubling to edit your CV over and over again, especially if you save them in PDF format. You will need to access the editor, edit it and save it, and repeat everything the next time you’ll need to find a job. With Linkedin, you can have an online CV that’s easily updatable and gives you the option to download a PDF format.

Go to your profile, find a button that has three dots on it. Press the button and then press the option that says download in PDF. You now have an editable CV in PDF format and an online link to it.

There’s so much more to PDF than you know now. Look for more creative and interesting ways of using PDF documents and make your life and work easier.

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