June 4, 2020

Exploring the Caribbean: Where to go and what to do?


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f you think that the Caribbean is just lying on the white beaches and drinking cocktails while listening to the typical Caribbean music in the background, you are wrong. The Caribbean is so much more than that. There is something for everybody there, from climbing the mountain peaks to swimming in the shining reefs. It is a place for both salsa and reggae lovers. Moreover, it is filled with pirate hideouts for those adventurous at heart. It is not a place which offers just tropical vacations. It is a good place to live as well, just make sure to ask for some assistance when moving to a distant place. Its economy is booming thanks to tourism. Because of its sunny climate and all sorts of adventurous activities, it has become one of the most favorite places to visit during the winter season. So, if you are planning to move, or just to visit it, keep on reading to find the best tips for exploring the Caribbean.

Seeking Adventure?

Forget the beach! The Caribbean offers many great outdoor activities for those who love being adventurous. Just go a little further away from the waves, the beach and the tall palm trees and you will find adrenaline-pumping excitement that is suitable for those brave ones as well as those who want to start living that YOLO kind of . So, what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits! Here are some of the best places which offer great outdoor activities you can do while exploring the Caribbean:

  • – Here you can enjoy exploring five active volcanoes which are still a ‘work in progress‘. And if you think that is not for you, there is plenty more to do. You can go hiking, mountain climbing and swimming through a white-water gorge.
  • – Are you a fan of zip lines? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Puerto Rico is home to the largest zip line in the world. Here, you will fly above the forest like Superman for almost three minutes.
  • – Well, Aruba is not all about flamingos. It is a place where you can enjoy free falling and tandem jumping together with them. And, unlike anywhere else in the world – no experience necessary!
  • The Cayman Islands – It is a place where you can try diving with Silversides, or you can enjoy a hike called mastic trail located on the north side of the island. Just beware of the wildlife. There are many hidden gems in the Cayman Islands, so try to find a few while you are here.

The Caribbean truly is for those seeking an adrenaline rush![/caption]

Music Lovers – You Will Love It Here

Although you can experience authentic Caribbean music all over the country, Jamaica is the right place to go if you want to get to know the roots. Thanks to Jamaica, we now have reggae, dancehall, ska, calypso and mento, which are now popular all over the world. However, the situation is a bit different today. The atmosphere is completely eclectic, and the best way to experience this is to visit one of the most popular music festivals – Montego Bay’s Reggae Sumfest. It takes place every July, so make sure to visit it if you have a chance.

If you are a music lover, here, you will have time of your life.[/caption]

Party Goers – You Will Be Amazed

It goes without saying that every tropical country offers great party experiences. It has something for everybody’s taste. The Caribbean has every party animal’s dream covered. If you are more into casual drinking, Trinidad is a place for you. Trinidad has small roadside bars that attract many tourists. However, if you talk to the locals, they will gladly tell you which parties are the best. Do not be afraid to talk to the locals, not just in Trinidad, but in every other place in the Caribbean, because that is the best way to find those hidden party gems. As tourism is booming, there are many pubs, bars, and clubs opening everywhere. So, wherever you go, you will find a place with great music, delicious cocktails, and friendly people. And if you like Elvis, you can join a special cruise that will take place on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas in 2020. Moreover, if you want an all-out party experience, we strongly recommend visiting the Carnival.

A Place For Gourmets

If you want to try authentic and traditional Caribbean cuisine, Mexico is the place for that. However, Mexico is huge, so its cuisine varies from place to place. But, we strongly recommend visiting Cancun. The City of Cancun is famous for many things – spring break, holiday resorts, one of the best beaches in the world, margaritas and tequilas and, of course, the food! But do not go to American restaurants here. You did not move out of Brooklyn on a budget to eat at Mc Donald’s. Ask locals for recommendations. We strongly recommend trying Mexican tortilla at curb-side street stalls which is truly one of a kind.

When exploring the Caribbean, you must visit Mexico and try tacos![/caption]

Looking for History and Culture?

Living or just spending your holiday on the Caribbean does not have to mean only laying on the beach or going to parties. If you like history, but not that boring textbook kind, you can enjoy some unique history lessons in many places like:

  • Antigua – it is a perfect place for those people who prefer a laid back style of vacation while still being able to pick up on some history and culture facts. And to do that, there is no place better than Harmony Hall at Nonsuch Bay. It is filled with museums and galleries. Moreover, if you like ruins and fortresses, visit Shirley Heights.
  • Bermuda – a place rich in history and culture. One of the oldest English towns is located in Bermuda, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is every historian’s heaven full of artifacts, abandoned ships, Titanic memorabilia, and a display Bermuda Triangle.
  • Puerto Rico – it is not your typical Caribbean island. It is unique because it has a mixture of Spanish, Taino, African culture with a lot of influence from American culture.  Everything is different here, food, music, museums, galleries, and people.
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