September 22, 2021

Expert calls Caribbean to strengthen Tsunami Alert System

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From Presna Latina

Kingston, Jan 16 (Prensa Latina) The head the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) Ronald Jackson called today to strengthen the tsunami alert systems in the region, according to reports by the Jamaican newspaper The Gleaner.
According to the CEDEMA official, that preventative technology is a pressing need for the countries in the area.

The Gleaner specified that Jamaica had been monitoring the situation at seas after the 7.6-degree telluric movement at the Caribbean Sea, between the coasts of Honduras and the Caiman Islands at night.

Ronald Jackson said that island and other Caribbean countries would have to begin to seek many different sources to warn the people about the risk of disasters besides SMSs, social networks and the news.

‘It is a fact that we do not have that kind of early alert systems to be able to tell the people about events like tsunamis,’ the CDEMA official admitted.

In that reference, the expert was in favor of promoting alerts using sirens in the most exposed coastal communities to heavy seas.

However, he recognized that this kind of systems, which would provide people with proper notifications on time, does not exist in most of the vulnerable coastal communities in Caribbean countries.

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