July 1, 2022

Exclusive interview with Ache’s Elza Durham

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Ahead of IPBC Latin America 2019 in Sao Paulo this December, we spoke to panellist Elza Durham – IP Counsel, Ache – about how her role at the company has changed in recent years, how the IP landscape has been impacted by recent developments in Latin America and why she is excited to attend IPBC Latin America.

The landscape in Latin America is continuing to evolve and the recognition of IP importance continues to grow. How have you seen your role change in recent years?

Yes, undoubtedly. In the past few years my role has focused on education in IP and demonstrating to the business how IP adds relevance and value. Today, it is well known that IP is important and companies want to hear about how IP impacts on their business, along with numbers and arguments, as well as any possible future changes to the IP scenario. What matters now is how a company’s strategic planning will ensure data and IP alignment in the coming years.

Latin America is seeing greater support for IP and innovation. How will this affect the IP landscape?

Support for innovation has direct consequences for IP. The IP landscape is set to change in the next few years, not only because of investment in innovation, but also due to the birth of different types of innovation. We need a more complex and multidisciplinary approach to deal with the new technologies that are coming in. I think that patents and trademarks will still have a role, but other types of IP will also be required. It will be necessary to rethink IP and to discuss with developing countries what type of IP they should implement in their territory and with what extensions. This will be vital for countries that wish to grow in a sustainable way.

At IPBC Latin America you will be discussing new approaches to strategic IP management. Without giving too much away, what can attendees expect from the discussion?

They can expect a view of ‘omni IP’ (‘omni’ in Latin means ‘all’ or ‘everything’). It means that IP in a company must be seen as a whole area, considering all the benefits and risks that patents, trademarks, industrial designs and partnerships have over the long term. When you see all the aspects of IP related to a product or project inside a company at the same time, then you add value to that product or project.

Taking all of the above into consideration, why is attending IPBC Latin America so important? 

In my opinion, IPBC has a different approach to IP than other conferences. It focuses on the practical use of IP inside a company and contributions come from the people that manage the strategic and tactical aspects of IP on a daily basis.

Elza will be sharing further insight and experience as part of the ‘New approaches to strategic IP management’ discussion at IPBC Latin America 2019 in Sao Paulo on 4 December. You can find out more and secure your place here.

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To register go to: https://events.ipbc.com/events/ipbc-latin-america-2019/registration-fc2db92abd344ed9817b3cc876e0f664.aspx?fqp=true&_cldee=Y29saW5AbWFnbmFjYXJ0YW11c2ljYWx0cmlhbC5jb20%3d&recipientid=contact-57e8272377944a28afebfbf6398e3864-712e3407641f44efb91115b2ce12c424&utm_source=ClickDimensions&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=IPBC%20Latin%20America%202019%20-%20Marketing&esid=b5899cbd-fafe-e911-a811-000d3a29426f

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