October 25, 2020

Ewin James: Biden and Trump


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By Ewin James

Joe Biden will certainly be the  the nominee of the Democratic Party which means he  will go up against President Donald Trump in November for the Presidency.  In this mercurial time anything  can happen.  Many conservatives are convinced  that the contest is Trump’s  to lose, who despite  his unorthodox and bruising style of leadership, has done good things for America; even though  polls put Biden ahead of him.         

But Joe  Biden isn’t to be taken lightly. At the outset many  people were quick dismiss this his third attempt at the Presidency, as a misfortune like those before, but he will  secure the nomination.  

He was one of the Senate’s longest serving members, being elected six times over 35 years; and he was the 47th  Vice President of America serving under Obama, from 2008-2016.

Before that he was chairman of the powerful Senate  Judiciary committee and opposed Robert Bork for the Supreme Court and later Clarence Thomas who was confirmed in 1991.  He was also chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations committee; so he has some knowledge of foreign policy and is well known to many  leaders of countries with whom America has had  all kinds of relationships. He is considered by some as ” an authority on foreign policy,” which is always an advantage for anyone seeking the Presidency.  He opposed the Iraq war  saying it was  “the biggest foreign policy blunder in America’s history” 

On moral issues he is a liberal, staunchly supporting abortion, something which has alienated him from some  in the hierarchy of his Catholic faith.  He also openly supports homosexuality.  He gave his support for Gay marriage, even before President Obama endorsed it and in doing put the President in a precarious position.        

If elected, as the oldest man ever to become  president at 78, Joe Biden will attempt  to do things that many Americans consider their  right and have been calling  for  for a number of years. Among them he will raise the national minimum wage to $15.00 per hour which many people are demanding, though the economic repercussions could  be hurtful.  He will abolish Capital Punishment; he will make the first two years of College free; strengthen student loan debt relief programs; and somehow increase teachers pay. Of  course these are only a sampling of what he promises to do, many of which  Donald Trump do not consider  worth his or Americans’ while to even consider. 

What Biden promises are things that many Americans feel must be done if their country must move forward in the 21st century.

But all is not well with him  and there are some problems which Democrats want to keep hidden especially because  he is going up against Donald Trump who shows little discretion in parading the failings of those who oppose him. A number of women have accused Joe Biden of sexual improprieties- from inappropriate touching, to open sexual assault.  In one case Tara Reade, who worked in his office said, that in 1993, the Senator sexually assaulted her.

However today  when it comes to sexual allegations especially in light  what is called the ‘me too’, movement we have to take such allegations with more than a grain of salt.

But there other weaknesses of Joe Biden’s which  are undeniable, and which could cost him the election. One is that he is given  to making some horrendous gaffes, many of which reveal a gross disregard for facts.   He said he was shot at in Iraq.   He was not.  He marched in the Civil Rights  movement.  He did not . And he said that  the Parkland School Shooting in Florida, which took place in 2018 occurred, when he was Vice President, nearly two years after he left  office.

Alarmingly for the Democrats there is another failing  that they can do nothing about and which they or he won’t be able to hide  on the campaign trail and more so in debating President Donald Trump.  Joe Biden’s mental state seems to be  declining faster than  his years and  may be due to two brain surgeries he had for aneurysms.

Listening to him,sometimes he seems  to  be scrambling. His brain is seizing up on him and he is talking nonsense: one minute he doesn’t know where he is and the next he calls his wife his sister.  It is going to be pathetic watching him debate  the brutal and unsparing Trump, who  is going to make mincemeat of him. Already Trump is sharpening his teeth. He told a crowd at a rally in Pennsylvania in February  “There is something  going on there”- meaning Biden’s head; and that if  they elect Biden as President  “they will  be put in a  home(not the White House)  and other people will run the country.”

Ewin James is a freelance Journalist living in Florida.Attachments area

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