July 16, 2020

‘Every police car should have a trauma kit’ says Baines


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150712Mikaela Ian Pearman, BDA Sun

Trauma kits could soon be in every police car in Bermuda in an effort to save lives affected by gun violence.

Cayman Islands Police Commissioner David Baines today spoke at a press conference after the weeklong ACCP Conference held at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

Mr Baines told the story of St Croix Police Chief Christopher Howell who was shot last August while on duty.

Mr Howell and police officer Elsworth Jones were shot while trying to stop robbery suspects.

The police chief’s arm was shattered and Mr Jones was shot twice in the face. They survived thanks to the trauma kit in their police car.

Mr Baines said: “It all went down to having a simple trauma kit in the car.

“Every police officer in the region will be equipped with trauma kits because minutes will save lives.

“Not only will it keep our officers safe, but it will enable them to save lives on the scene.”

He continued: Often, it’s not the gunshot that kills someone, it’s the bleeding out before they can get to the hospital.”

A trauma kit can contain a tourniquet, a chemical solution to stop the bleeding, pressure bandages, vacuum-sealed quick clot gauze and a chest seal.

Asked how soon trauma kits could be in Bermuda, Mr Baines said: “The first thing we have done is to get a request and know how many trauma kits exist already. Some will be well equipped.

“We have got over 10,000 officers in the region.

“I’m sure there will be a significant demand.

“Some already have trauma kits. We need more. We need to move it to every single police car.”

Asked if there are trauma kits in Bermuda, Commissioner DeSilva said: “We do have them. We don’t have them in every vehicle.

“As Commissioner Baines explained, that’s the new goal.”

Mr DeSilva added: “The key is really to stop the bleeding and transport the person to hospital immediately.”

He couldn’t say how many trauma kits are currently in Bermuda.

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