October 24, 2020

Evening traffic flow adjustment to Hurley’s roundabout, 28 October


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The RCIPS is informing the public that there will be a temporary traffic flow adjustment made to traffic entering the Hurley’s roundabout on weekday evenings, beginning next Monday, 28 October.

Traffic entering the roundabout from South Sound Road (eastbound) or Shamrock Road (westbound) will not be permitted to exit at the Grand Harbour entrance but must either exit onto Crewe Road (westbound) or onto Shamrock Road (eastbound). Traffic entering from South Sound Road (eastbound) or Shamrock Road (westbound) and needing to access Grand Harbour will be required to exit east onto Shamrock Road, travel along Shamrock Road, and then enter Grand Harbour by turning left onto Bimini Drive.

This adjustment will not affect traffic entering the roundabout from Crewe Road, which will be permitted to take the first exit and access Grand Harbour as usual, or continue onward to Shamrock Road.

This adjustment will be in place on weekday evenings from 4:30PM to 7:00PM, in order to allow the continuous flow of eastbound traffic, as part of the RCIPS’ continued efforts to alleviate traffic issues in these areas.

The RCIPS is reminding the public to follow all traffic directions given by police officers.

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