November 23, 2020

Evans gag order is not a gag order but a ‘condition implicit’

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Martin-Bridger-in-Grand-Cayman-252x300The documents that were served on former Cayman Net News reporter, John Evans, on Wednesday (20) were not a “gag order” to stop him from commenting publically, especially by way of the print and web site media, on the Tempura debacle whilst the battle to release or not to release the complaint document.

Please see our iNews story on Feb 21 2013 (posted Feb 20) “Governor wins first round in Tempura battle. Gag order on Evans” at:

However, by accepting the 150 pages of documents that were served on Evans, it has placed upon him a ‘condition implicit’ meaning that he has to be very careful what he says and acts.

Any “alleged misconduct” on Evans’ part could be used as an excuse to strike out the Information Commissioner Officer’s (Jennifer Dilbert) case, and then the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office would win by default.

Mr. Evans was one of the persons who had requested an open office complaint to be released pertaining to Operation Tempura that had been rejected by the Cayman Islands Governor, Duncan Taylor. The rejection was made by the governor’s office on the grounds that releasing the records would cause them to publish materials that were defamatory.

Previous to this, disgraced lawyer, Martin Polaine, and chief investigator of Operation Tempura, Martin Bridger, had also filed similar complaints. This involved certain allegations against members of the Cayman Islands judiciary and representatives of the attorney general’s office in connection with the Tempura probe.

In November 2012 Jennifer Dilbert, the Cayman Islands Information Commissioner, ordered the release of their complaint including ordering the governor’s office to release a response that evaluated the claims put forth in the complaint filed by Martin Polaine and Martin Bridger. Taylor replied back saying the complaint was without merit following the issuance of a 185-page review done on it by a UK-based Queen’s Counsel.

The Governor then filed a request in January 2013 seeking a judicial review and won. Until the review is heard no Tempura documents can be released to the public.

Evans will have to wait and be a “good boy”.

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