January 19, 2022

Europe Dance Championships Season 2022 for Dance Schools and Groups from all over. Any level welcome and anyone can participate

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From Danza Barcelona

The NEXT  Barcelona Dance Award 2022 is Ready!
For Dance Schools and Groups from all over, any level welcome and anyone can participate!

Invitation for next Dance Festival Competition in Barcelona Spain 2022!

An Event for Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop and each
other kind of dance art, Dance Team Showcases, Workshop Opportunities &
International Dance Competitions...in order to be the protagonist of a
great Italian TOURNÉES!

To find out how to qualify, mail the office: in this year space has
been limited and many groups have
failed to register, so Directors should act right away for next year 2022

For Program and Fee:
[email protected]com

Full Name:__________________________________________

School/Company Name: ______________________________


Email Address:______________________________________* REQUIRED FIELD

The "DancEurope Competition 2022" is terrifically enjoyable and, marking the
long-awaited launch of your Group, it promises even better things to come!


Please note comments below and our own findings with the contact email address not being delivered..

Colin Wilson

[email protected]

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  1. Salut je suis joel makengo manager du groupe ,( groupe de rêve) depuis rdcongo Kinshasa je voulais inscrire mes danseurs pour la compétition merci de me répondre

    Cordial… Joel makengo

  2. Buenos días, soy el padre de un bailarín de Sudáfrica que se suponía que participaría en su competencia en 2020. Nuestro viaje se canceló debido a covid, la competencia de 2021 tampoco fue posible para nosotros debido a covid. ahora podemos viajar, pero nuestra compañía de baile no recibe ninguna ayuda ni respuesta de su parte. todos nuestros gastos le han sido pagados en su totalidad. ¿Por qué no se comunica con nosotros o responde a nuestra solicitud si realmente queremos participar en su increíble competencia? Saludos cordiales
    we would really appreciate your help as we would love to participate in your competition

  3. Good Day i-News,

    I am writing to you from South Africa.

    We booked a tour with the Barcelona Dance company in 2020, Covid came and obviously we could not travel, ever since Aug 2020 they have not managed to contact us, reply on email or whatsapp!! They have also now blocked me on Whatsapp, we booked a tour / competition for 84 people and I have parents / teachers who are threatening our company on a daily basis, I have received numerus letters from lawyers as we cannot pay their money back as we made payment to the Barcelona Dance company!

    We have traveled to them for many years, I just do not understand how they were able to host a competition in 2021 and now again in 2022 but they cannot even answer us?

    Please do not advertise there competition as they cannot even get in touch with us, or even try to!!!

  4. We sent an email to them as above and this came back

    Address not found
    Your message wasn’t delivered to
    [email protected] because the domain
    danzabarcelona.org couldn’t be found. Check for typos or
    unnecessary spaces and try again.

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