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Euro NCAP releases results for a best seller SUV, two MPVs, and two cars from new brand ZEEKR, the result of Chinese/European collaboration

Today, Euro NCAP announces the results of several highly anticipated cars. These include the best-selling Volkswagen Tiguan, two people carriers – the Maxus MIFA 7 and the Ford Tourneo Custom – and two car models from new brand ZEEKR, the 001 and the X.In this release, we also announce the 5-star Green NCAP performance of the two ZEEKRs.

First up, the third-generation Volkswagen Tiguan which has moved on several steps from its predecessor with a modern exterior design and more updated technologies that will certainly ensure that this family SUV continues to maintain its popularity. The Tiguan sold approximately 169,000 units in 2023 and was in the top 10 best seller list at number 8. There is a wider choice of powertrains available for the consumer, but all versions come with the latest safety technologies like automatic emergency braking (AEB) and lane-keeping assistance and a system that monitors driver fatigue. It happily achieves a 5-star rating.

The MIFA 7, an MPV from Maxus, a division of SAIC Motor, with its modern design and seven seats, offers a pricy, electric vehicle targeting reviving market segments. The car offers a premium look and feel to its customers and its high density ‘One Pack’ 90 kWh promises a drive of 479 km on a single battery charge. Available in Europe this summer, the car achieves high scores during crash tests in the lab and comfortably achieves an overall rating of 5 stars.

For those consumers with large families or those wishing to accommodate more passengers, a less pricy alternative is the Ford Tourneo Custom. This is the passenger car version of the Ford Transit Custom van. The same vehicle, but where the van has a large loading area designed to make it practical and useful as a commercial vehicle, the Tourneo Custom as a passenger car can fit up to nine seats. Ford has a reputation for producing very drivable vehicles and in addition this car has a flexible seating arrangement and a modern interior. However, it scores an overall safety rating of 3 stars with standard equipment, with the possibility of 4 stars when upgrading to an optional safety pack.

“We believe that Ford will feel disappointed by this result, particularly given their recent efforts and commitment in improving the safety of its commercial van line-up – the Ford Transit Custom achieved our highest van rating of Platinum. The Tourneo Custom is highly equipped with active safety technologies, yet it is slightly let down by this performance.”

Dr Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General Euro NCAP

ZEEKR is a new brand launched as recently as 2021 but, it already has three models selling well in China. With experienced Chinese parent company, Geely, and a Swedish team pushing it forward, the brand is quickly expanding into the European premium electric market. The first car model tested by Euro NCAP, the ZEEKR 001, is a large executive hatchback and a car that Europe’s premium car makers may slightly fear with its competitive pricing and quality, design, and technology. Referred to by some media as a comelier Porsche Panamera, it does not disappoint in its safety performance either, achieving Euro NCAP’s top overall rating of 5 stars. ZEEKR also offers a competitive compact SUV in its model line-up in the form of the X, which has an appealing and innovative interior and, like its sibling, also achieves a high safety performance and an overall 5-star rating.

Both ZEEKRs also achieved the highest Green NCAP rating of 5 stars in a recent Green NCAP assessment. The ZEEKR X achieved an overall score of 96% whilst, the ZEEKR 001 achieved 95%.

“Congratulations to ZEEKR for producing two vehicles with such good safety and overall environmental performance just as they begin their journey into the European electric vehicle market. Their vehicles show that safety and sustainability can sit alongside each other in modern cars. More generally, Euro NCAP is committed to the promotion of ADAS systems which are neither distracting nor annoying to drivers. In the future, we will consider these aspects more closely, not just the car’s performance in our track tests.”

Dr Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General Euro NCAP

Today, following Euro NCAP’s further evaluation, the Renault Scenic E-Tech was awarded a 5-star rating in line with 2022 test protocols and like its partner vehicle the Renault Megane E-Tech.

Editor’s note

For full results, visit or Euro NCAP’s newsroom for journalists.
For media information, please contact Cordelia Wilson at [email protected].

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Euro NCAP organizes crash & safety tests on new vehicles and provides motoring consumers with a realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of some of the most popular cars sold in Europe. Established in 1997 and backed by several European Governments, motoring, consumer and insurance organizations, Euro NCAP has rapidly become a catalyst for encouraging significant safety improvements to new car design.

Euro NCAP ratings strictly apply to vehicles of the specifications offered in Europe. The ratings do not necessarily apply to models offered in other regions, even when sold under an identical name, as production specification and equipment may vary.


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