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Ensuring Trust in AI: The Importance of Data

From Reuters Next Team

AI is everywhere, but how can you ensure that your AI outputs are reliable and trustworthy? Scaling your AI projects, showing measurable success, and ensuring that the foundational data fueling the AI is clean, reliable, and trustworthy is an ongoing challenge for many businesses. 

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, June 26 that addresses how businesses can overcome these challenges and why a credible, reliable, and trusted data foundation is essential to maximizing your AI’s potential. Register for this free webinar here.

Panelists include:

  • Rouz Tabaddor, Chief IP & Privacy Officer, First American
  • Steve McMillan, Chief Executive Officer, Teradata
  • Jason Urso, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Honeywell

In this session, we will discuss:

What role does foundational data play, and how can it help you ensure that your AI outputs can be trusted? 

  • Making sure AI sources can be validated and AI is explainable
  • Enforcing data quality, governance, and compliance
  • The role of ecosystems for trusted AI

What does it take to create trust in AI tools? How can companies make trust foundational to their AI projects?

  • Establishing human-in-the-loop accountability 
  • Ensuring data security and privacy of personally identifiable information (PII) 

What role does AI Talent have in ensuring AI outputs can be trusted?

  • Training and retaining AI talent on governance requirements for trusted AI
  • How are specific industries upskilling current talent to create the workforce we need?

Register here now to view the session live or on-demand.


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