June 24, 2021

Enforcement Intensifies in Cayman Islands Under Operation Magpie heading into the holidays; Accidents still high

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201509011141160foyocynfmmmt1hjus1vq1w45From RCIPS

Officers have been out in force patrolling the roads since 30 November, when RCIPS’ year-end Holiday Safety Initiative began.  One of the main themes under this initiative has been road safety and road enforcement, conducted across the islands under Operation Magpie.  Given the tragically high number of road deaths this year the RCIPS has focused more than ever on both aspects of road safety this holiday season – education and enforcement – with the production of a documentary, “Road Impact: Cayman Islands”, in partnership with Cayman 27, about the impact of road fatalities in the Cayman Islands on the families and the community at large, and several traffic operations on the roads that will continue into the new year.

 While the statistics as of 21 December under Operation Magpie reflect this intensified enforcement, with 150 tickets, 30 speeding prosecutions and 24 DUI prosecutions, the number of collisions remains stubbornly high, at 146 so far this month.

“We had 69 accidents reported last week alone,” said Inspector Adrian Barnett, Head of the Traffic Management Unit. “These are mostly minor collisions in traffic, due to carelessness or inattention by motorists.  There are just more cars on the road right now, that’s true, but at the same time, 37 tickets for the misuse of a phone while driving and another 24 tickets for failing to wear seat belts demonstrate that people need to take more responsibility for their personal safety.

 Some of the fatalities we’ve had this year happened in cases where persons not wearing their seat belts were thrown from vehicles. We can’t say it enough: wear your seat belt.”

 “There have been more than enough deadly accidents this year,” added David Baines, Commissioner of Police. “To those who complain that increased policing on the road is a nuisance at holiday time, imagine being the officer who has to be the one to inform a family of a tragic loss at Christmas, or even worse, being the family member at the receiving end of that tragic news.  We are out there to prevent this, and we need people to do their part so we can finish this year with no more road tragedies.”

Full Operation Magpie Statistics 30 November – 21 December (morning):

Collisions                                                            146

Tickets                                                                  150

Speeding                                                                30

DUI                                                                          24

No Seat Belt                                                           24

Misuse of phone                                                    37

Expired Coupon                                                     29

 Dangerous Driving                                                3

No Insurance                                                           6

Driving without being qualified                           1


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