October 22, 2020

End of the road for Cayman boxers


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Kendall Ebanks

Cayman’s representatives in the World Boxing Championships both suffered cruel defeats that spelt the end of their tournament.

For Kendall Ebanks and Dariel Ebanks it was the end of the road after they both lost tight bouts in Azerbaijan.

Dariel had a tough fight when he faced the number seven boxer in the world, Elshod Rasulov of Uzbekistan.

It was a close call but in the end Dariel lost after a points decision.

He said on Facebook: “The fight did not go my way; lost on points to the number seven guy in the world. I did my best but I’m good.”

Kendall also suffered a points loss to Mahdi Fleece of Morocco.

Speaking after the fight he said: “The fight didn’t go how I wanted it to go.

“I didn’t lose because I didn’t get the training or the sparring or I was tired. Being here helped me realise what happened, why I lost.”

Kendall, of West Bay, had been in the former Soviet Union country two weeks before the games to receive personal training ahead of the tournament.

But despite the defeat, he says he’s confident he will bounce back and learn from his experience.

Dariel Ebanks

“I know what I need to do to become a better fighter,” Kendall added. “When I get back to the Cayman Islands I’m going to pick up where I left off. This is not the end.

“I’m not down on myself and I don’t want any of you to be down about my loss because this loss was a great eye opener for me.”

Kendall also said he was grateful for the love and support he has received from friends in his home country.

He added: “I’m thankful for the love and support you all have given me during my run in World Championships.”

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