November 30, 2021

Electric Crozz SUV

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Volkswagen’s electric Crozz SUV gets closer to reality

By Roberto Baldwin From Engadget

Automakers are trying to get their EVs try to break into the growing SUV market.

Volkswagen continues to push its electric roadmap. At the Frankfurt auto show, it dropped a newer version of the pure electric ID Crozz Crossover. Initially unveiled in Shanghai, the crossover is the third vehicle with the ID brand along with the microbus Buzz and four door, ID. All three vehicles will be built on the company’s upcoming Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB).

The Crozz is rumored to be the first of the ID vehicles to be offered for sale to the US market. Meanwhile the four-door ID car should be the first to hit production for sale internationally. It’s a smart move by the automaker considering the SUV and crossover market in the United States continue to grow while regular passenger vehicle sales are flat or falling.

The all-wheel drive vehicle (via two electric motors) will have a range of 311 miles and output 302 horsepower. It’s also expected to be able to charge to 80 percent in 30 minutes via a 150 kW DC fast charger. Still not as quick as a gas-powered car, but automakers are getting closer to making road trips without long pit stops a reality.

While the Buzz is getting all the… well buzz for bringing the microbus back to the market, America’s love affair with crossovers and SUVs means you’re probably going to see more Crozz’ on the road than retro buses.

IMAGE credits: Roberto Baldwin / Engadget

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