July 12, 2020

Elections Office appoint Domestic Observers


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082012truevotelarge_1The Elections Office has appointed a domestic observer team to observe proceedings at the polls and counting stations for the 2013, General Elections.  Domestic Observers were appointed for both Referendums and the Elections Office previously decided to appoint observers for the General Elections.  Having domestic observers at Elections and Referendums provides another tier of scrutiny which is a fundamental in the delivery of free and fair elections and have important advantages over observers from abroad.  However, it should be noted that the Elections Office fully supports having a foreign observer mission observe the 2013 General Elections.  It should also be noted that the Commonwealth recognizes the vital role of domestic observers.

The domestic observer team will be concentrating mainly on operational issues at the polls and count to determine whether all procedures are being followed.  They will be provided with checklists which address such issues as opening of the polls, queues at polling stations, expeditious polling, the close of the polls and the conduct of the various counts in the six electoral districts.  While they will be functioning independent of the Commonwealth Observer Group (COG) should that group wish to work with the domestic observer team to avoid any change of duplication and maximize the overall observation effort, they may.

The domestic observer team will be operating under a specific observer pledge and operation orders.  They, like Election Officers, will perform their assignment without partiality, fear, favour or affection.  They are there to observe not to interfere.

norman_boddenThe members of the domestic observer team are as follows:

Mr. W. Norman Bodden OBE, J.P. – Team Leader

Mrs. Georgette Myrie J.P

Mr. Edgar Ashton Bodden – CYB & LCM

Mr. Joel Scott Sr. CYB & LCM

Mr. John MacMillan

Rev. Alson Ebanks

Mr. Gilbert Connolly

Ms. Carol Winker

Mr. Adrian Estwick


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