October 1, 2023

Education Council Scholarships Online

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The Scholarship Secretariat, through the Ministry of Education, Training & Employment, recently unveiled their new online scholarship application programme. The new programme, called the Education Council Scholarships Online Programme, which was launched on 1st February 2012, will allow applicants to apply online for the various scholarships available from the Education Council and to track the progress of their application.

As the number of scholarship applicants has steadily risen over the years, the Ministry and the Education Council have found an increasing need to streamline the scholarship application process due to the high volume of physical documents being handled during each application period.

“Applications are often incomplete and the required documents are not always handed in together.  Keeping track of the various documents can be an administrative nightmare and has occasionally led to frustrated applicants” says Ms Deirdre Seymour, Manager of the Scholarship Secretariat.

She continued by stating “The new programme will go a long way to improving the screening of applications and will enable applicants to know what stage their application is at.  It should also result in a reduction in the traffic of applicants collecting and dropping off forms at the Ministry offices”.

The new online programme requires scholarship applicants to create a unique username and password and then work their way through the online application process.  The programme allows applicants to upload any required supporting documentation with the use of a scanner from the privacy of their home, office or at an internet café.  Another benefit of the Programme is its flexibility.

At any time during the process and prior to the submission deadline, the user can exit the programme and later return to the last point of access, finish the application or upload relevant documentation” she continues.

Applicants will also be able to choose what type of scholarship they are applying for.  On the new Scholarship Secretariat site there is a range of various local and overseas tertiary scholarships that are available from the Education Council and include the RBC Harry Chisholm Scholarship, the Gwen Bush Memorial Scholarship, the MACI (Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands) Scholarship as well as the standard overseas and local scholarships.

Applicants can access the online programme at http://mete.starsscholarshipsonline.com/stars/ and/or by visiting our website at www.educaton.gov.ky, selecting the “Education” tab, then clicking on Scholarships.  Additional information about the various scholarships is also available on the website.  Special attention should be given to the academic requirements for each type of scholarship as well as the supporting documentation required as these may differ.

The application period for overseas applications is 1 Jan – 31 March annually.

The application period for local scholarships is 1 April – 30 June annually.

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