July 1, 2022

Editorial From Publisher

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What a beautiful and fitting motto for us to adopt here in our beautiful Cayman Islands.

Living in Cayman up to this present moment has meant that God has given me the opportunity to live on a little Island twenty seven by three and a half miles wide of pure paradise.

I was born and raised in a big family with beautiful parents, sisters and brothers with friends and neighbors all around. Having no real conveniences, but in those days what we certainly didn’t have we didn’t miss. Digging massive deep wells for water, digging pits for sewerage disposal, how I remember it all so well. Once every year we would have the task of going down into our cistern which some of us were lucky enough to have. These cisterns were huge and plastered with fine concrete. Once in the cistern we would clean every square inch until it was dry and shiny and ready for the rains.

Speaking of rains – they were certainly enjoyed by us all – barefoot and paddling in the puddles and under the gutters which would be overflowing with the heavy rains coming down – how we enjoyed it all. It gave us new life to hot and tired bodies.

Everybody was our friend and I still feel that way about everyone living here.

God has blessed us all in so many ways – our freedom to develop into one of the most popular tourist destinations – from an ‘ Island Time Forgot’.

Life here in Cayman is what we make it and I must say most of us make it really well.

Until recently we had had interruptions in our peaceful way of living – like a downturn in the whole world trickling down to us here, causing a change in our peaceful way of living. (I’m sure you all know what I’m referring to). This is only temporary, things will pick up again very near future with God’s guidance and our ability to hold on to what we have going for us.

I’m very grateful to have a piece of Cayman to call home, a balcony to sit on from which I can view the traffic, trees all around with blossoms, red, yellow, orange – birds building their nests, chirping and talking to me in a language that only I can understand. Convenient traveling arrangements – cars, bicycles, buses, taxis, numerous friends to visit and share fun time with or even a problem (and they say a problem shared is a problem halved). We have sunshine most of the year round. A reliable electric company providing us with current in order to make life more comfortable, enabling us all to obtain electronic equipment that we all insist in having today. (I can remember when we only had lamps and/or lanterns). Two water companies providing us with first class drinking water (cisterns are of the past – some are preserved just in case). Sewerage disposal as well (instead of 3 seat backhouses – remember them – I do!).

Yes, I would say thanks to God and family and friends, living here in Cayman is nothing less than Paradise – to me anyway. You name it – we’ve got it – at least it’s there for the getting. Good schools, Churches and good Christian education – good training for the children coming up behind us. Nothing less than paradise I say and I know most will agree with me

We must consider ourselves very lucky – so small in size but giants in heart and love.

I hope you all read iNews Cayman everyday. We publish many news and articles none of the other excellent (I must say) Cayman Islands media houses have on their websites.

Whilst I sorely miss our ‘pint’ size print edition, our online publication now attracts over 1,000 visitors a day. With 30 stories plus puzzles and News Briefs (that are not always so brief!) that have a minimum of 10 additional stories, every weekday, there’s a LOT to read. We also pride ourselves on being the most heavy photo news publication here – I am sure you have noticed the beautiful photos on our top slider and not to forget our Cartoon of the Day from the most talented artist Tony Zuvela.

I am also enjoying reading Carol-Ann Rudy’s backpack trek across Europe. Who said when you are over 60 you should stay in bed most of the day? And Carol-Ann did this all on her own and meeting complete strangers. Brave lady.

Maybe she’ll visit us in Cayman one day? After all, we’re no longer an Island time forgot! We’re a place sought after and found.


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  1. Chris Johnson says

    What a very refreshing editorial Joan. It is a great reminder to residents how life used to be, simple and enjoyable without the stress of today albeit life was more difficult. We need more editorials from you on the history of the islands and the way of life in the ole days rather than the depressing editorials from your better half.

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