August 5, 2021

Economic Opportunity in the New Caribbean

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Cuba Is Just The Caribbean’s Latest Chapter

WHITEFISH, MT / ACCESSWIRE / February 4, 2015 / Recent initial steps taken to thaw relations between the U.S. and Cuba (the largest island in the Caribbean, with over 11 million people) have lit a fire under America’s business community, encouraging a bold new look at the Caribbean region as a whole. In the case of Cuba, Carnival Cruise Lines (NYSE: CCL) is already making plans to establish ports of call there, looking to expand the company’s already successful Caribbean presence. American Express (NYSE: AXP) is planning on doing business in Cuba, and Mastercard (NYSE: MA) recently announced it would stop blocking Cuban transactions. As major companies get in line to tap the lucrative Cuban market, and there is a lot of red tape still to be sorted out, it is obvious that normalization of relations with Cuba could be a major boon to American companies looking to do business there.

All the anticipation associated with Cuba largely reflects the growing prominence of the Caribbean itself and its recognized inherent potential for American business. The Caribbean, hundreds of dramatically picturesque tourist-tempting islands within easy reach of America’s southeast coast, is recognized as an economic treasure chest still waiting to be fully opened. Cuba just happens to be the biggest and most challenging gem in the chest. In the meantime, the rest of the Caribbean is growing as never before.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, international tourism grew by roughly 4.5% over the past year, but Caribbean tourism grew by 7%, and the International Monetary Fund predicts that most of the region will experience continued economic growth in 2015. One might expect the opening of the Cuban market to further increase the area’s growth. A healthy part of the Caribbean success story rests on the huge flow of money-laden tourists who have discovered the magic of the islands and keep coming back, mostly from the U.S., but a growing number from Europe and other parts of the world. For the highly competitive cruise industry, as well as for the credit card industry that enables commerce, it doesn’t get any better than the Caribbean, with a huge and stable American tourist market so close and an almost endless selection of picturesque islands still available for development.

A Unique Opportunity For Blue Water Global Group

When millions of annual tourists pour off of ships and planes looking for a taste of the Caribbean, they go to shops to buy souvenirs, or maybe take side trips to go snorkeling, but they also go looking for someplace to eat, drink, and relax. In spite of the much talked about profusion of free food on cruise ships, visitors invariably seek out land-based restaurants to better experience the island atmosphere. To this end, tourists are at the mercy of what’s available within the confines of a given port. As a result, the limited competition has allowed a serious gap in food service options throughout the Caribbean, a gap that represents an exceptional opportunity for Blue Water Global Group (OTC: BLUU). The company is currently developing a chain of restaurants called Blue Water Bar & Grill, specifically designed to address this gap.

Today, food service options in the Caribbean tend to fall into two camps. On one hand you have pricey gourmet style restaurants that many visitors find uncomfortably high-end. On the other hand there are lower cost mom-and-pop eateries, family businesses that are a one-shot experience, varying from port to port. For tourists it means that every stop is a risk, with no certainty in quality or environment. What has clearly been missing is a food service brand that visitors can depend upon wherever they go in the Caribbean, offering great food at reasonable prices along with an ambience that captures the incomparable feel of the islands.

With a carefully balanced mix of location, atmosphere, food, and price, the Blue Water Bar & Grill is expected to become a must-have experience for first-time or return visitors. The restaurants, the first of which is already being developed in St. Maarten in the Dutch West Indies, will target the most popular cruise ship ports in the Caribbean, with additional plans for Aruba, Barbados, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Nassau. For some perspective, St. Maarten set a new record for tourist visits last year, topping 2 million visitors for the first time. Each restaurant will have an immersive Caribbean-rich design, incorporating a large covered patio and ocean view, with a pool, swim-up bar, and even authentic fire pits. Just as important, the food will be consistently high quality and reasonably priced, something that every visitor will learn to depend upon and associate with the Blue Water brand.

The Blue Water Bar & Grill restaurants are supremely focused on giving millions of Caribbean tourists what they’ve been looking for, a dependable and compelling Caribbean restaurant experience, with a brand name they will remember and pass on for all future trips. Investors in successful restaurant chains like newly-public Shake Shack Inc. (NYSE: SHAK) may want to keep an eye on the development of this new concept.

The Smart Way Of Building On A Customer Base

History is full of businesses that hit on a good idea, but then lose control by diving into poorly related markets that simply draw resources away from their original base. In contrast, Blue Water Global Group is structuring their brand building plans the smart way. In addition to growing their restaurant chain in a consistent and brand-enhancing fashion, filling a serious need in the Caribbean food service picture, they are also developing a parallel product that serves and strengthens their initial customer base while simultaneously reaching new markets.

In a carefully thought out plan for growth, the company has been actively developing a line of premium Caribbean rums under the Blue Water name, launching the first two rums earlier this week. The premium rums will be served at and support the restaurants, but will also be offered for retail take-home. This gives customers a great reminder of their Caribbean trip, as well as the Blue Water experience, that they can take back with them to friends and family. Rum is recognized worldwide as the signature spirit of the Caribbean, and Blue Water’s mutually supportive balance of rum and restaurant is a brilliant growth move that will further help the Blue Water brand become synonymous with everything Caribbean.

Blue Water Beverage Brands, Ltd., the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, is developing the rums, beginning with Blue Water Ultra Premium Rum(TM) and spiced Caribbean Gold Premium Rum(TM). These two varieties were launched for sale in St. Maarten, and more info can be found at The global market for premium rums has been showing exceptional growth, providing further support to this move. Blue Water’s rums, made of organically grown Caribbean sugar cane, are bottled in the Dominican Republic, and the plan is to also make them available at select retail outlets, including expansion to St. Barts, French West Indies, and Anguilla, British West Indies. The company has secured a warehouse in St. Maarten to store and support the regional sale and distribution of the rums, and it will also serve to support various retail branded merchandise, such as t-shirts and beach towels, for future Blue Water Bar & Grill restaurant gift shops.

Additional Support

The management of Blue Water Global clearly thinks long term, and knows the importance of having some form of internally controlled financial support. For Blue Water this comes in the form of a developing portfolio of outside business equities obtained in compensation for services rendered in helping growing companies go public. These equities can be held for growth and sold at a later time to provide as-needed funding for company operations and initiatives.

J. Scott Sitra, Blue Water’s President and CEO, is also the founder and chief of Taurus Financial Partners. His experience and knowledge relating to securities law and taking companies public is a valuable asset in the business marketplace. As part of a strategic alliance between Taurus and Blue Water, he is able to help companies in the complex listing preparation process in exchange for stock once the companies go public. Funds from these equities can in turn support the future growth of Blue Water Global.

Most recently, Blue Water will benefit from the upcoming 2015 listing of Stream Flow Media on the OTCBB. Blue Water now holds an equity interest of approximately 19.8%, expected to give Blue Water a one-time stock dividend of 5 million shares.

A Well-Integrated Package

Blue Water Global Group has gone further than most development stage companies in the thoughtful way they’re structuring for future growth and financial support. Their multiple efforts are designed to reinforce one another, laying a dependable long-term foundation, and leveraging their still limited resources. It’s a conservative way to take advantage of the significant opportunity they’ve identified in the New Caribbean.

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