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Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court launches Mediation Public Education Campaign

ECSC – an Institution of the OECS

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 — The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court – Dominica Circuit launched the Court’s Connected Mediation Public Education 2019 and Beyond Programme on Friday, October 4, with support from the Canadian-funded Judicial Reform and Institutional Strengthening (JURIST) Project.

The purpose of the media launch was to sensitize the media, generate public interest and heighten the public’s understanding of the Court’s connected mediation programme and its associated benefits in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

His Lordship The Hon. Davidson Kelvin Baptiste presented the members of the National Mediation Committee with their letters of appointment. This committee will be responsible for the oversight of the mediation programme in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Additionally, fourteen trained mediators have been added to the court’s mediation roster and they received their certificates of appointment.

Mediation is a process that focuses on the future and not the past; in mediation parties are encouraged to consider ways of working together to make the future better. 

Mediation also fosters creativity in the resolution of disputes. Therefore, Mediation through the High Court of Dominica will be shown as the first step for resolving all disputes that arise between court users.  It will be highlighted that, this method is especially useful, as a means of stirring discussion among prospective clients.

Mediation also, gets the parties to concentrate on a cooperative win/win strategy wherein all parties can derive benefits. Mediation enables parties to control the process of communication and dispute resolution. The Litigation process is largely dictated by legal rules and procedures which sometimes seem to hinder the presentation of a party’s case. However, in mediation, parties are free to work together and agree on the procedures that best serve their collective interests.

It is important to note that mediation significantly reduces time, costs and stress. Litigation can deprive parties of many years of time, effort, peace of mind and opportunity.  In mediation, the resolution happens quickly—often in one session or one day!

Over the next twelve months there will be a number of activities throughout the length and breadth of Dominica to sensitize Dominicans as to the court’s mediation programme.  There are plans to host Town Hall Meetings, panel discussions in the media, a college open day, primary and secondary school outreach and a national mediation week.

About the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court:

The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) was established in 1967 by the West Indies Associated States Supreme Court Order No. 223 of 1967. The ECSC is a superior court of record for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), which includes six Independent States: Antigua and Barbuda, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines; and three British Overseas Territories: Anguilla, The Virgin Islands, and Montserrat. The Court has unlimited jurisdiction in each Member State and Territory.

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