June 3, 2020

Eastern Caribbean embarks on strategy towards a Blue-Green economy


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By Jewel Fraser From IPS

SAINT AUGUSTINE, Trinidad and Tobago, Sep 3 2019 (IPS) – Micro, small and medium enterprises as well as niche markets and experiences such as bee tourism may well hold the key for the Organisation of States as countries of that sub-region, known as the OECS, ramp up efforts to build economies that are resilient to the impacts of climate change.

To help reach their goal, the OECS is working with the Trinidad-based Caribbean Natural Resources Institute, otherwise known as CANARI, on a green-blue economy strategy and action plan; the launch of the plan was announced in July of this year.

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Senior Technical Officer at CANARI, Alexander Girvan, tells Inter Press Service (IPS) the green-blue economy strategy and action plan will make the most of the sub- region’s strengths, harnessing these to create economies that are environmentally friendly and at the same time more socially equitable. Our Caribbean Correspondent Jewel Fraser asks Girvan to tell us just how will the OECS-CANARI action plan make this happen.

For more on this story and audio message go to: http://www.ipsnews.net/2019/09/eastern-caribbean-embarks-strategy-towards-blue-green-economy/

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