November 27, 2021

Earth Month Challenges and Calendar of Events/Reach for the Stars Fri (25)

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Reach for the Stars event Fri (25) See attached – FREE

Take the Cayman Green Challenge

Everyone is challenged to take part in an outdoor activity in celebration of Earth Day/Month. Let’s all take the time to appreciate Cayman’s natural beauty. Kindly participate in one or more activities from the list below during the month of April.

Do an Outdoor Activity

Hike the Mastic Trail, visit the Botanic Park, do an Eco-tour (mangrove, bioluminescence, ocean kayaking, sailing, biking).

Slow Food

Eat traditional and regional cuisine that promotes the use of in season, locally grown produce.

Support our local farmers – visit the farmer’s markets and cook with foods locally grown.

Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

Refuse plastics – say no to plastic bags and bottled water .

Reuse – use reusable water bottles, travel mugs, shopping bags, etc.

Reduce – the amount of waste we produce – start composting.

Recycle – DEH, Dart Green Team, Junk and Cayman Recycling services collect aluminum cans, plastics, glass and scrap metals to be recycled

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Save gas – by cycling or carpooling when possible

Plant a tree

Plant a tree, a shrub, herbs, fruit or vegetables.

Every tree planted outdoors adds habitat for birds and works to remove carbon dioxide from the air.

Every indoor plant improves your indoor air quality. Plant a potted plant by your TV, stereo or computer in April.

Reach for the sky


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