September 22, 2023

Dyson shows off the best robot vacuum cleaner yet

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dyson-360-eye-1By Chris Smith From BGR

After teasing it on YouTube a few days ago, Dyson on Thursday unveiled its first robot vacuum cleaner – the Dyson 360 Eye – that’s supposedly better than anything its competitors can offer in every way.

Expected to have a hefty price tag just like other Dyson products, the 360 Eye will only launch in Spring 2015 starting with Japan, at which point actual price details for the device will be unveiled.

So far, Dyson only announced the main features of the 360 Eye saying that thanks to its Root Cyclone technology, the device will be better at sucking dust and dirt particles off of various surfaces than its competitors. Furthermore, the robot vacuum cleaner will also pack two types of bristles for hard floors and carpets capable of removing even more dirt than competitors, and, unlike other devices, the Eye 360 will provide suction “across the full width of the machine.”

To ensure it progresses at the same speed even when changing surfaces, the 360 Eye comes with tank tracks rather than simple wheels, and it’s powered by a small “yet extremely powerful” motor that can spin at up to 78,000rpm, generating the “highest suction of any robot vacuum.”

But maybe the most interesting feature of the 360 Eye robot is its 360° camera on top that will help it figure out where it is in a room, where it has been, and where it needs to clean next.

“This unique 360° vision system uses complex mathematics, probability theory, geometry and trigonometry to map and navigate a room,” the company says, revealing that the robot will mark and interpret various elements in a room to triangulate its position.

Unsurprisingly, iPhone and Android apps for controlling the Dyson robot vacuum cleaner will be available to buyers free of charge.

IMAGE: LIFESTYLE Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner

More images showing the 360 Eye and a video playlist showing it in action go to link below.

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