September 28, 2022

Drugs for potency: are they harmful?

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The truth is that even though potency-enhancing drugs have their contraindications, these drugs, such as Vega Extra Cobra, are well-researched and quite safe if taken as needed and after consulting a doctor.

Drugs for potency and addiction

One of the most common myths about male enhancement drugs is that they are addictive. At the same time, patients who use drugs to increase potency for medical reasons – for example, during the treatment of prostatitis, after recovering from the underlying disease, do well without medication.

We can talk about a certain addiction only in the case of erectile dysfunction associated with psychological causes. In this case, taking drugs to improve potency gives the patient self-confidence. However, do not forget that with erectile dysfunction caused by psychological reasons, you should definitely undergo a course of psychoanalysis, which will help to cope with the root of the problem.

Preparations for potency and vision

Another myth on this topic is that drugs to improve potency cause blindness. Indeed, these drugs are characterized by such side effects:

  • violation of the perception of colors;
  • narrowing of the field of vision;
  • conjunctival irritation.

However, loss of vision is out of the question.

Preparations for potency and the heart

Surely a lot of people have heard stories about how a man drank a pill of medicine to improve potency and died right during sex from a heart attack. Such cases may occur.

Another thing is that they happen to people already suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Sexual activity is associated with increased strain on the heart.

In every case of a person’s death after taking drugs to increase potency was necessarily investigated and never proved that the cause of death was precisely taking the drug.

In addition, drugs to improve potency should not be taken together with certain drugs for the treatment of ischaemia – for example, nitroglycerin. Their joint admission could cause a sudden drop in pressure.

In any case, people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, drugs to increase potency can be taken only on the advice of a doctor, adjusting, if necessary, the treatment scheme for the main disease.

Who should not take medication for potency?

When taking drugs for potency, the main thing is not to forget that these are drugs that have both indications and contraindications for their use. In some cases, they are simply useless. So, drugs to increase potency do not affect libido. And if problems in a person’s sexual life are associated with a lack of desire, or other psychological problems, such medicines will not help him in any way. But in most cases, taking drugs for potency helps to solve problems with sexual life and is quite safe at the same time.

In general, such drugs have undergone a huge amount of research, therefore they are completely safe to use.

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