April 11, 2021

Dr. Stuart Weiss: COVID-19 Update Tuesday 30-Mar-2021

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Dr. Stuart Weiss, FACEP, FAAP, CBCP

March 30, 2021

CoViD-19 News and Information you can trust. Welcome new members from the Rapid Test Center.

Mostly Headlines only today.

Here are a few key points for today with headlines below:

  1. New York Times CoViD-19 tracker shows a 18% increase in new cases over the past 14 days. We are definitely heading back up.
  2. ABC nightly news reporting increasing hospitalizations in 15 states
  3. Cases are being seen in younger unvaccinated people
  4. Vaccinate hesitancy is markedly down as people realize the vaccines are safe
  5. In the latest stupid move by Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, today in a press conference he vowed to take executive action against anyone using vaccine passports. He doesn’t want people to have to show that they had a vaccination to get into things.

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Coronavirus update for March 30, 2021

World Wide Updates

Canadian leader tells people “don’t make plans for Easter” as Covid cases rise
Initial WHO mission was to examine animal origin of virus — not lab leak, agency’s scientist says
Germany will limit AstraZeneca shots to people over 60 following reports of rare blood clots 
Austria in talks to purchase 1 million Sputnik V vaccines from Russia
European Commission says more work is needed to understand Covid-19 origins
Brazil’s Sao Paulo state reports highest single-day increase in Covid-19 deaths since onset of pandemic
Covid-19 may have been spreading globally before December but originated around Wuhan, WHO scientist says
German vaccine experts recommend AstraZeneca only be given to people over 60
More than 5,000 Covid-19 patients are in ICUs in France – the most in nearly a year
US and 13 other nations express “shared concerns” about WHO study on Covid-19 origins
WHO chief calls for further investigation into coronavirus lab leak theory 
Scotland’s “stay at home” rule to end on Friday
One UK doctor is helping homeless people get vaccinated against Covid-19
Variants fuel an increase in hospitalizations in Canada
“We were never pressured to remove critical elements in our report,” WHO scientist says
German medical regulator reports 31 cases of blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccinations
Berlin hospital pauses AZ vaccinations of female staff under 55 out of precaution
Negative Covid test now needed to enter Germany
China has received WHO report on Covid origins
Italian Prime Minister Draghi gets vaccinated as the country cancels Easter plans for millions
Canada halts AstraZeneca vaccine shots for people 55 and under as precautionary measure
WHO chief brushes off absence of China and US in call for international treaty on pandemics
World leaders call for international treaty on pandemics, but China and US are absent
Syria’s president and his wife have recovered from Covid-19
London records zero Covid-19 daily death for first time in six months as cases soar elsewhere in Europe
Ireland to start easing restrictions next month
Turkey logs record number of daily Covid cases
Greece registers 4,340 new Covid cases, a new high record
Dutch coronavirus cases rise for seventh week, officials say
Papua New Guinea opens emergency Covid-19 hospital
Total Cases Worldwide: 128,749,567
Total Deaths Worldwide: 2,814,229
Total Recovered: 103,780,299

US Updates

People 30 and up can get vaccinated in New York starting today
COVID-19’s fourth wave is hitting the US hard
Nearly 50% of seniors in the US are fully vaccinated, latest CDC data shows
There is reason for hope, but Covid-19 prevention must continue, CDC director says
US Covid-19 vaccine coverage is lower in counties with higher risk, new analysis finds
All 50 US states have now released plans to open Covid-19 vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older
Wisconsin will open up Covid-19 vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older next week
Biden signs extension for Paycheck Protection Program into law
Arkansas governor will lift statewide mask mandate tomorrow
Hollywood’s Universal Studios will reopen for California residents next month
New York City on the cusp of 4 million vaccinations, mayor says
US governors “know better” than to relax Covid-19 restrictions, White House adviser says
CDC director explains her emotional warning of “impending doom” about Covid-19’s spread in US 
At least 550,000 people in US have now died from coronavirus
Birx says hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths were preventable
Protection from first dose of Pfizer or Moderna may not be durable or strong enough, Fauci says
Fake vaccine certificates allegedly being sold on dark web alongside stolen shots and forged test results
Hospital charged family almost $40K for 12 COVID tests
US Covid-19 deaths expected to rise soon with new wave emerging
As Michigan cases climb, Whitmer declines new restrictions
‘Please limit travel’: CDC continues to recommend against trips
McConnell urges ‘all men’ to take vaccine, despite GOP wariness
Georgia Gov. Kemp in quarantine after COVID-19 exposure
Fraudsters are laundering millions in Covid relief through online investments
Florida’s median age for COVID-19 infections drops to 35 as spring break rolls on
CDC: 15% of US population fully vaccinated against coronavirus 
Total US cases: 31,091,978Total US deaths: 564,070Total Recovered: 23,581,389Total Tested in US: 390,026,186
Total cases in CA: 3,665,712
Total deaths in CA: 58,770
Total cases in TX: 2,792,526
Total deaths in TX: 48,480
Total cases in FL: 2,052,441
Total deaths in FL: 33,366
Total cases in NY: 1,906,192
Total deaths in NY: 50,488
Total cases in IL: 1,241,993
Total deaths in IL: 23,542
Total cases in GA: 1,057,741
Total death in GA: 18,987
Total Vaccines Administered in US: 147,602,345
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