January 24, 2021

Dr. Stuart Weiss: COVID-19 Update Tuesday 17-November-2020

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By “Dr. Stuart Weiss, Intelligent Crowd Solutions – Rapid Test Center of NY”

Rapid Test Center of New York
Dr. Stuart Weiss, FACEP, FAAP, CBCP

Nov 17, 2020
CoViD-19 News and Information you can trust. Welcome new members from the Rapid Test Center.
Topics: So Where Are We?

So Where Are We?

We are heading into what might be the darkest days of the pandemic so far. Our numbers are increasing across the country and we are starting at a much higher baseline than we have had in the past. All 50 states are reporting increasing CoViD-19 case new case numbers. 39 States have hit new records over the past week. Hospitals in many states are full and deaths, which often lag behind cases and hospitalizations by 4-5 weeks are rising with a national average of 1,100 per day and rising.

States across the country are looking at ways to curtail the spread. I think we will see some amount of lockdowns occur in hotspots. We are already seeing some Governors shut down restaurants and implement curfews. At the Federal level, there is essentially nothing being done. Schools are closing and when college kids come home, they may find their spring semester is remote, from home.

So, get ready. The virus seems to have mutated to be more contagious and less lethal. That is good but with the increasing numbers, we will still see a rise in deaths overall. Thanksgiving throws another unknown into the mix with kids coming home from school and families getting together. This is looking like the year to do small Thanksgiving dinners with your immediate family only. 

There is some good news on the vaccine front. We have had announcements of good data from two vaccine trials, Moderna and Pfizer. Both seem to be highly effective to prevent disease. They require two doses. We should have 5 million doses in December which will protect 2.5 million people. This will go to critical infrastructure folks. We probably won’t have vaccine for the general population until April/May. The second dose will be given in May/June. We don’t know how long the protection from the vaccine lasts or what groups it protects best. The issue with the Pfizer vaccine is it requires very cold temperatures to store it. 

A new study just published seems to indicate that people may actually have some protection from getting another infection for months to years. Its a preliminary study but if true, that would be good news for many people. While anti-bodies levels may fall after 3-4 months, immune cells hang around for much longer. 

Please think carefully about big Thanksgiving gatherings. They are dangerous. If you are having a large family gathering, have it outdoors and be conscious of social distancing. Get folks tested before getting together. Be smart.

Be well,
Dr. Stu Weiss

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Coronavirus update for November 17, 2020

World Wide Updates

France becomes first country in Europe to reach 2 million coronavirus cases
Sweden reports more than 15,000 new Covid-19 cases since Friday
Group that donates menstrual products is reporting a huge increase in need during the pandemic
India’s daily cases fall to lowest level since July
German Chancellor Merkel: Coronavirus situation remains “very serious”
Austria is entering a stricter lockdown today
South Australia places 4,000 people in quarantine to curb new outbreak
Packed morgues and excess deaths tell a darker story than Russia’s official Covid numbers suggest
South Korea to strengthen social distancing measures in Seoul
Japanese store tests “clerk robots” that can detect if customers are not wearing masks
Countries letting coronavirus go unchecked are “playing with fire,” WHO director-general says
UK has reached “initial agreement” with Moderna to secure 5 million doses of candidate vaccine
65 WHO staffer in Geneva contract coronavirus, report says
British Airways to launch coronavirus testing trial
Spain deaths are at their highest in second wave so far
Italy may face tougher measure as death toll hits 731 in 24 hours
Total Cases Worldwide: 55,867,543
Total Deaths Worldwide: 1,341,654
Total Recovered: 38,894,810

US Updates

FDA needs to be more clear when it authorizes coronavirus vaccines and treatments, report says
More Americans see normal activities as risky, new poll finds 
Pfizer has kept both Trump and Biden’s teams informed about vaccine developments, CEO says
Utah’s 7-day average for new coronavirus cases tops 3,000
US government agency warns of possible coronavirus vaccine production bottlenecks
NFL Covid-19 positive tests remain elevated in latest testing window
Tourism in New York City may not recover until 2024, agency says
Ohio issues statewide curfew starting Thursday
North Dakota senator says he doesn’t regret his state not issuing mask mandate sooner as cases increase
Phoenix mayor calls for a statewide mask mandate
Vaccines won’t work unless enough people get them, Fauci says
Iowa governor says Covid-19 hospitalizations have more than doubled since Nov. 1 
GOP. Sen. Chuck Grassley is quarantining after he was exposed to Covid-19
White House coronavirus task force warns of “further deterioration” as pandemic worsens
Navajo Nation president says strict public health measures helped them avoid one of the US pandemic waves
North and South Dakota doctors face ICU and staffing shortages as coronavirus cases skyrocket
Trump’s transition sabotage threatens vaccine rollout
Breast milk not a likely source of Covid-19 transmission, CDC says
Pfizer prepares to file for emergency use authorization after vaccine reaches safety milestone, CEO says
FDA sets meeting for vaccine advisory committee
Don’t take plasma from people who have been vaccinated to treat coronavirus, FDA cautions
Navajo Nation goes into a 3-week lockdown
Pfizer to test coronavirus vaccine distribution in 4 US states
Los Angeles mayor warns of “very dangerous situation” amid surge of Covid-19 cases
Walmart will start counting customers again as coronavirus cases reach record levels
NY reports more than 2,100 people hospitalized with coronavirus as infection rate climbs
NJ Supreme Court suspends jury trials following surge in COVID-19 cases
Total US cases: 11,658,505
Total US deaths: 253,875
Total Recovered: 7,063,305
Total Tested in US: 164,366,274
Total cases in TX: 1,106,235
Total deaths in TX: 20,218
Total cases in CA: 1,050,978
Total deaths in CA: 18,317
Total cases in FL: 889,864
Total deaths in FL: 17,561
Total cases in NY: 605,881
Total deaths in NY: 34,051
Total cases in IL: 597,849
Total deaths in IL: 11,317

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