January 19, 2021

Dr. Stuart Weiss: COVID-19 Update Monday 16-November-2020

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By Dr. Stuart Weiss, Intelligent Crowd Solutions 

Dr. Stuart Weiss, FACEP, FAAP, CBCP

November 16, 2020
CoViD-19 News and Information you can trust. Welcome new members from the Rapid Test Center.


Coronavirus update for November 16, 2020

World Wide Updates

Countries letting coronavirus go unchecked are “playing with fire,” WHO director-general says 
British prime minister is self-quarantining after Covid-19 exposure
South Australia links growing Covid outbreak to hotel quarantine
Sweden will limit public gatherings to 8, including in bars and restaurants
UK has reached “initial agreement” with Moderna to secure 5 million doses of candidate vaccine
EU will authorize deal to secure up to 405 million doses of candidate coronavirus vaccine
Covid-19 vaccine could be delivered by end of 2020, developers say
Boris Johnson “fit as a butchers dog” and “bursting with antibodies” after being forced to self-quarantine
Germany’s Angela Merkel will meet with state governors today to discuss new restrictions
Johnson & Johnson starts new two-dose Covid vaccine trial in Britain
France has passed the peak of coronavirus epidemic, health minister says
South Australia reinstates Covid-19 restrictions, halts international flights
Olympic chief hopeful that spectators will attend Tokyo Games in a “post-coronavirus world”
India sees lowest single day rise in coronavirus cases since July
New Zealand makes masks compulsory on domestic flights and Auckland public transport
British researchers consider mixing coronavirus vaccines in future trials
Belgium “abandoned” elderly to Covid deaths, says Amnesty
Iran suffers worst daily caseload increase
Russia reports worst daily increase
France’s coronavirus hospitalizations reach new record
Total Cases Worldwide: 55,289,585
Total Deaths Worldwide: 1,331,254
Total Recovered: 38,379,897

US Updates

Face masks don’t hinder lung function while exercising, study finds
Nearly half of veterans with kidney injury from Covid-19 do not fully recover, study finds
Baltimore Ravens will not have fans at their game this week
Michigan reports more than 12,000 new Covid-19 cases
Rural Americans dying at nearly 3.5 times the rate of urban Americans, CDC data shows
House members required to test before traveling to DC, new guidance says
Covid-19 cases in California increase by 50% in the past week
Dow and S&P 500 hit new record highs 
Nevada health officials say more people are wearing masks, but it might be too late to reverse trend
Best Western CEO calls stalled stimulus talks “maddening”
Moderna vaccine seems to protect people of color and the elderly equal to other groups, CEO says
US has distributed 50 million point of care tests to keep schools open, White House testing czar says
NCAA is planning to host entire men’s March Madness tournament in Indianapolis
NFL’s Cleveland Browns announce a player has tested positive for Covid-19
CDC committee will meet next week to decide who will get Covid-19 vaccine first
More than 1 million US children have been diagnosed with Covid-19, pediatricians say
Doctors say they’re at breaking point as Covid-19 cases surge
Chicago is planning on rolling out a possible vaccine
Michigan GOP congressman tests positive for Covid-19
Moderna chair says vaccine trial results “exceeded” their expectations
Trump’s top national security adviser tells people to “wear a mask”
Vaccine’s effects on severe disease “a very important impact,” says Moderna CEO
This South Dakota nurse says her Covid-19 patients often don’t believe the virus is real
US stocks rise sharply after Moderna says vaccine is 94.5% effective
NYC schools will stay open tomorrow as 7-day Covid-19 test positivity rate remains under 3%
The US added 1 million Covid-19 cases in just 6 days
Moderna’s vaccine has a significant advantage over Pfizer’s
Oregon reports 868 new cases as 2-week “social freeze” is set to begin Wednesday
Trump coronavirus adviser urges Michigan to “rise up” against new Covid-19 measures
Thousands of cars form lines to collect food in Texas
States enact more Covid-19 rules as the US hits 11 million cases
Washington state enacts new restrictions, months after it was first in the US to confront Covid-19
Several dozen USSS officers sidelines due to coronavirus exposure
Gov. Gavin Newsom hits ‘emergency brake’ and rolls back reopening for 39 counties amid COVID-19 surge
Biden says ‘more people may die’ because of Trump’s transition blockade as pandemic worsens
Texas inmates working in coronavirus-crowded morgue for $2 an hour
Philadelphia banning public and private gatherings, closing restaurants, gyms and museums as new coronavirus restrictions are implemented 
Cuomo demands help with coronavirus vaccine and dismiss claims by ‘bully’ Trump
Republican Michigan congressman Tim Walberg tests positive for coronavirus
Cook County Jail in Chicago cancels in-person visitation over COVID concerns
Total US cases: 11,507,495
Total US deaths: 252,467
Total Recovered: 6,984,283
Total Tested in US: 162,912,131
Total cases in TX: 1,094,356
Total deaths in TX: 20,140
Total cases in CA: 1,039,813
Total deaths in CA: 18,280
Total cases in FL: 889,864
Total deaths in FL: 17,561
Total cases in NY: 601,248
Total deaths in NY: 34,028
Total cases in IL: 585,248
Total deaths in IL: 11,204
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