September 19, 2020

“Don’t do it again” – Warning for travellers after horse race on Cork road


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THE TRAVELLERS’ GROUP Pavee Point has warned those involved in the harness race on the Cork to Mallow road at the weekend not to even contemplate doing it again.

A video of part of the race appeared on YouTube this week with Gardaí shown pursuing two horses who were pulling the distinctive two-wheeled sulky carts and riders.

Ben Archibald from Pavee Point told RTÉ radio that the video “depicts seriously reckless behaviour” which put lives at risk.

“It was dangerous for the animals, dangerous for those taking part, those taking part in pursuit and those to the side of the race videoing it,” he told Morning Ireland.

Gardaí have confirmed they have made one arrest in connection with the incident and their investigations are continuing. They are appealing to motorists who may have been on the Cork to Mallow road between 7am and 8am last Saturday to contact them.

Archibald said that while sulky racing was a long-standing tradition in the Traveller community it is expected that it takes place in areas where it is safe and regulated.

He encouraged those wishing to do it to co-ordiante with local authorities in order to do it in a safe way. ”What we saw in that video, was just a serious risk to life. There’s nothing cultural about that,” he said.

Asked if he had a message for those involved, he added: “Don’t do it again, don’t even contemplate doing something as reckless as misusing a public road in this way and put people’s lives at risk.”

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