September 18, 2020

Dominica: Opposition Leader Prevented From Entering Parliament Building


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From Caribbean News Service

ROSEAU, Dominica, Apr 11 2017 – Opposition Leader Lennox Linton Tuesday said he had been prevented from entering the compound of the Parliament building and called for the removal of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit from office.

In a posting on his Facebook page, Linton, the leader of the main opposition United Workers Party (UWP) was seen at first to be in a verbal confrontation with police officers dressed in military fatigue.

“That is what we are being reduced to today in Dominica…You understand why Skerrit must go. Skerrit must absolutely go because of this nonsensical behaviour in a democracy.

“You have people standing up in the Parliament building, in the compound telling the Leader of the Opposition he has no right in the compound of the Parliament, he must leave,” an agitated Linton said.

He said he had gone to the compound in an attempt to enter the building to retrieve documents he needed for a meeting with the Electoral Commission consultants from the Commonwealth Secretariat who are visiting Dominica.

“They are denying me access to my office. I cannot go to my office in the Parliament building. They tell me to get off the compound,” he said

Linton said the action by the police was as a result of a “few patriots” – the words used to describe opposition supporters – had gathered near the state-owned DBS radio, which is located close to the Parliament building.

“Police have taken over the Parliament, police have taken over DBS radio, what a country, all because a few patriots have come together and they are here with placards,” Linton said, showing pictures of a few supporters armed with placards outside the radio station.

Linton has been leading the opposition efforts to get Skerrit out of office claiming that the government has been engaged in corrupt activities linked to the controversial Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) through which foreign nationals are provided with citizenship of the island in return for making a substantial investment in the country.

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