October 21, 2021

Do Retired Seniors Pay Lower Taxes?

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Are you nearing retirement? Do you have some worries about what will happen about the taxes that you are paying? Will you pay lower tax because you have retired? All these questions are to be answered in this piece of content. Just keep reading.

Many people when they retire, usually move far from their hometown, to have another opportunity in life. But, regardless of how far a retiree might go the question of taxes remains in question. You might be considering moving from your home town to another because maybe there is a low cost of living and better medical services for seniors. But that doesn’t exclude you from paying taxes. 

Depending on which state, you might pay lower, higher, or pay no taxes. 

So, first, research the Lowest retirement taxes by the state before making your move. This will ensure that you won’t be disappointed with your new home.

So where do you go after retiring?

You might want to head to Florida or Southern California for the warm, glowing lifestyle these places guarantee, but will it guarantee life worth. Before you sell all of your property and go and enjoy hotter, sunnier climes, it is a good idea to consider exactly how much in taxes you owe in your bright new future hometown. 

How about we take a look at some retirement advice for seniors considering moving to a better location.

Federal laws

Federal laws are pretty much the same regardless of where you settle in the US. However, what will change anyway is your neighborhood and state taxes. They change from one city to another and from state to state; they can change significantly. 

Some states have no income tax on retired folks while in other states you will still pay. Many retirees usually think that simply moving to Florida, South Dakota, Alaska or one of the other tax-exempt states might be your best bet. Even so, you need to focus on what they are charging you apart from federal taxes. 

These states have extremely high property and trade taxes that can undoubtedly be more than what you could save at any point in time if you don’t pay income taxes.

Either way, considering moving to a new home that gives you limits on your income measurement can be beneficial. It might even be cheaper than a new home that removes the income tax burden.

Tax-free pensions

There are 10 states, Alabama, Illinois, Kansas, and others that exempt you from paying income taxes when your income is from a military pension or when you receive benefit from previous government work. In the states such as Pennsylvania and Mississippi, all pension income is tax-free.  


So, to best answer the question of whether if retired seniors pay lower taxes or not, we say that it depends on the state. Some states have an income tax, while others don’t have. In some, pensions are taxable while in others, they are not taxable. So, it is not a straight answer.

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