November 28, 2022

DMA: “COP is backbone of global climate policy. But that is not enough.”

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VDMA e. V.

The final phase of the COP27 world climate change conference has been difficult, with the joint final declaration on the back burner for a while. Although the world climate conference remains a decisive format, there is a need for strong complementary initiatives that bring concrete climate protection forward. Keyword “Climate Club”.

Frankfurt, 20/11/2022 – At the end of the COP27 world climate summit, VDMA Executive Director Thilo Brodtmann explains:

“The world climate conference in Egypt has shown that the COP process remains necessary. It is the platform on which major issues, such as transfers from countries that bear special responsibility to those that are particularly affected, must be negotiated. In addition, however, there is a need for strong initiatives that bring concrete climate protection forward. We therefore expressly support Chancellor Scholz’s efforts to bring together ambitious states with a “climate club” and to set positive incentives for a transformation of national economies,” says Thilo Brodtmann, VDMA Executive Director.

“Even if the idea of a climate club is not easy to achieve due to the heterogeneous policy approaches of large countries, it remains right and important. What is needed is as large and attractive an economic area as possible that agrees on the level of ambition and wants to achieve comparable market conditions. “Climate club instead of climate tariffs” is the mission of the industrial SME sector to politicians,” Thilo Brodtmann continues.

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